Mythology Overall, I Do Not Assessment

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With respect to the mythology of the male gods, Zeus, Apollo, and Hephaestus seem to be a combination that matches the dynamism of their female goddess counterparts. These gods represent the good and the bad of males; they also represent the spectrum of power and balance of male energy. There is no one god or goddess myth that I feel fully represents the tension between male and female gods because individually, the Greeks gods are extremely fallible and their weaknesses are very apparent.

One singular myth also does not fully express the pervasive tension between the sexes as well as the ways in which the sexes are polarized. This is why a selection of two or three myths from each sex expresses to me fully the tension and the sexism (in both directions) throughout Greek mythology. These gods represent how strong men are, how they have ingenuity, are capable of mental & physical achievements, but additionally have very apparent, and almost human-like weaknesses.

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