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¶ … power and describe the three ways that the authors suggest this subject may be viewed and modeled. The essay will conclude with comments on the criticalness of this article and discuss the aims of this article and what the authors are wishing to transform or modify.


The authors suggested that the process of naming streets was directly linked to expressing explicit power over a situation or territory. This can be compared to a dog marking his territory by spreading his marking or scent. They wrote " the discursive act of assigning a name to a given location does much more than merely denote an already existing place. Rather, as scholars from various fields have suggested, the act of naming is itself a performative practice that calls forth the 'place' to which it refers by attempting to stabilize the unwieldy contradictions of sociospatial processes into the seemingly more 'managable' order of textual inscription." In this case, power is being related to the process of merging social needs with spatial availability.

The Three Approaches

The authors recommended three approaches to examine toponymic practices that include: naming from the standpoint of semiotics, as an integral strategy in the production of calculable spaces, and through the lens of space" and "time" reveals a lack of depth of critical analysis and seeming attempts to bloviate on an…

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Rose-Redwood, R., Alderman, D., & Azaryahu, M. (2010). Geographies of toponymic inscription: new directions in critical place-name studies. Progress in Human Geography, 34(4), 453-470.

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