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Natural/Holistic Medication

Holistic medication is the science and art that addresses the care of a person as a whole, which is the spirit, the body and the mind. This therefore means that each person is considered as a unique individual; and as a result healing takes place when the spiritual, physical, social, emotional and environmental aspects are properly balanced by either medication or even meditation because these are the main aspects that bring about diseases when there is an imbalance as noted by American Holistic medical Association, 2012).


One of the most common herbal medications with a huge presence in health food stores all over the world would be 'Echinacea' also known as the purple cone flower among many other names. Its medicinal value is found in its roots, flower and leaves. Echinacea is used mostly in the treatment of infections like common cold and other upper respiratory tract infections. At the very first sign or symptoms of colds and sore throats, one should start taking doses of Echinacea herb for up to two days and if taken in correct doses the symptoms should be over by the third day. One should not take the herb for more than three days because its immune stimulating effect shall have worn out. Children of ages 2-11 can also be administered to with the drug for up to seven days; however, some of them may develop a rash.

Echinacea can as well be used against infections like flu, vaginal yeast infections, septicemia, typhoid, malaria, diphtheria, tonsillitis, gum diseases and syphilis. Some non- infectious diseases that are beneficiaries of Echinacea include: dizziness, rheumatism, migraines, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It can as well be applied on to the skin in order to treat boils, eczema, abscesses and UV radiation skin damages.

Originally, the species of Echinacea were found in the northern part of America and was traditionally used by the great…

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