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¶ … nature is that opposites attract and there is much binary opposition in human-Nature relationships.

It is important to understand that the human species -- along with its culture -- is a part of the ecosystem. Therefore, ecology describes the material processes in ecosystems, such as the imbalances of carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus cycles, the population problem and the rates of fishing and resource management.

Having sufficient ecological knowledge is not sufficient to solve many of the ecological problems because it is not able to solve the environmental issues of modern culture. Even though we know why the number of living species in the world is decreasing, the human population is growing, the mounting waste from the backyards and oceanic abyss reach the upper layers of the atmosphere. The solution to these problems requires knowledge of ecological processes, and human behavior too.

The relationship between humans and nature are connected very closely to the cultural processes. This is shown by the behavior of the primeval society on Easter Island, which has many religious symbols and the stone statues that was followed by the destruction of the forest on the island, subsequently causing the deterioration of the culture. We need to understand that we build the surrounding nature ourselves.

Even though...


Philosophically, it is important to remember that even the most carefully protected nature is somehow changed nature.

Ecology, even though it has areas like ecological psychology or ecological linguistics, it has never been considered truly as a natural science. Human society belongs in ecological systems not because of its mental abilities, but because of metabolism and energy consumption, and also because of the mutual relationships with other species.

The global environmental problems affect the religious, ethical and moral commitment in the present-day world. There is new literature on the environmental crisis from theologians, church leaders and many other religious thinkers from around the world.

There has been a debate over the relationship between humanity and nature since time immemorial. Philosophers, scientists, artists, and religious people have expressed their admiration for nature, as well as their concern about the human/nature balance. This concern dates back to when the harmonious relationship between our first parents and God was dismantled.

Adam and Eve were creatures of God given the responsibility of maintaining a harmonious balance between the human beings, and also between human nature and God. However, one sinful mistake broke the relationship of trust. When Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, she chose to trust Satan and not God. Simultaneously, she used nature based on an egocentric and rationalistic ethic. She desired to eat the fruit more than obey God.…

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