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Nazi Holocaust

The picture presents a monster tattooed with communist symbols. He is destroying a city that is equipped with electricity and other modern embellishments of civilizations. People are running for their life. On its face value, the picture can be taken as the criticism of communism. However, associating communism and Jewish origin with destructivity is not a naive gesture at all. It has an evil nature in itself showing hatred and intolerance for others in the society.

The descriptive text for the picture tells us that it is a propaganda poster depicting a stereotyped Jewish communist who is in the act of destroying Germany. Do we need to know more? This shows the hatred one cherishes against the Jew and the communists. This becomes crystal clear that the propaganda poster delineates the anti-Semitic as well as anti-communist mentality of the Nazis while this particular poster makes a caricature of a Jew representing Communism.

The red is emphatically focused in the picture with the help of some search lights projecting their light on the monster figure. This shows how demonic the anti-Semitic frame of mind can be. When a person cherishing anti-Semitism and anti-communism looks at a Jew, he can never think objectively since he appreciates his own prejudice and malice.

To me, the picture is not the monstrosity of the Jews and communists; rather it depicts the inhuman and self-humiliating temperament of the anti-Semitics such as, the Nazis. The well equipped city may be the city of Germany but the people presenting such a caricature are no more civilized than the barbarians of the past. These prejudiced people are blind as they have no respect for anyone except their race. In the civilized society we cannot encourage such chauvinism. No race should be the target of such


Games represent any particular culture. By analyzing this board game it is possible to know the mind of those Germans who played this game in their houses.

Board games are the tools for family entertainment and these are used by both children, teens, adults and elderly people. So we can say that this board game represents the while German society irrespective of their age and status.

As the writings on the board are in German, I found it a bit confusing at first. However, the accompanying description of the board game explains everything. This family board game comes from 1938 and so we understand that it may have the influence of anti-Semitic Nazi feelings in it.

I came to know how the game is played. The objective of the game is to collect Jews. Think of the string word 'Collect.' The Jews are like some commodities or animals. At the same time we come to know that they were ruining a German town by their presence and their 'parasitic businesses.' This is why the players try to catch them so that they could be deported to Palestine.

I felt amazed at how a single board game can teach us culture and history in the twinkling of our eyes. The title "Jews Out" is connotative of the Nazi temperament. The present generation can become aware of the history that tells us how the Jews were forced to leave Europe. This is how the Jewish community fled Germany and some other countries and then tried to settle in Palestine. So this family game also tells me how a race has been made rootless as these people had to leave everything behind.

I could never imagine how peculiar the use of dental gold fillings could be unless I had a look at the 3rd photo. Seven pieces of gold could remind us of many memories if these were part of our family treasure. However, we're talking about some dental gold fillings of an exception. The memory and history that accompany these pieces are so outrageous that none can call them ordinary.

At the very first sight, the presentation of the gold pieces hit me as it would do the same with other viewers I'm sure. The way these pieces have been displayed tells us that the whole set may be an exhibit in a museum and the place seems to be a public museum. When we look at the text above the exhibit, we come to know that these were in possession of some Paul Wilhelm.

Such gold pieces were…

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