Negotiation Strategies Research Company Work School Essay

Negotiation Strategies Research company work ( school attending) write a paper: 1. Discuss apply negotiation strategies address potential conflicts workplace. 2. Determine evidence-based management applied work environment researched.

Negotiation strategies addressing potential conflicts in the workplace

In conventional parlance, negotiation implies the process of one party conferring or talking with another party with the hope of arriving at a particular settlement on some matter. In whichever respect, negotiation has the element of two parties coming together and trying to understand each other. However, for a negotiation process to be successful, particular requisites or strategies must be applied effectively. One of the most critical strategies is to understand emotions of each other. Inasmuch as feelings might be strong, it is advisable to recognize and understand the emotions of one another so as to give each other the liberty to speak their mind regarding the issue in question. Incase emotions are not understood; people might burst out uncontrollably which might only help to aggravate the situation to be addressed.

Secondly, communication is the most important prop in the negotiation process. It is therefore imperative to listen attentively and recognize whatever each party is trying to articulate. A negotiator should learn how to speak about themselves and not about the other party. Finger pointing is never encouraged; rather, one should talk about the effect of the problem on their self. Any negotiation process seeks to reach a particular decision. The...


Most importantly it is more critical to learn how to separate the problem from the people. More often, people err by failing to separate the people and the problem so that hatred and attitudes develop. The application of these strategies can go a long way in ensuring a proper negotiation process.
Application of evidence-based management in work environment

Evidence-based management (EBM) is an emerging trend in business management which essentially involves the application best evident practices in management Williams, 2009.

It is therefore a process that fully relies on the working environment across the world where concrete evidence can be gathered in successful places and the knowledge applied elsewhere. Even though the concept largely remains hypothetical, it can effectively be used by mangers to make their organizations better.

The most important part of the process is making the managers learn much about how successful managers across the world have always worked out their plans. EBM is a process that allows for experimentation and errors since it avails a lot of situations to draw from. Through EBM, managers can learn the most important issues relating to ethics, organizational facts and the best managerial prerequisites. Inasmuch as management is not a profession and differs…

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