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Verizon is a leader in the communications industry. With an unparalleled service and strong brand equity, Verizon continues to uphold its market leadership among telecommunications providers. A key aspect of the success of Verizon is its network. Its network is ultimately the source of its vast profits, strong leadership, and globally recognized brand. The company's network also provides the company with economies of scale, lowering the per-unit cost per subscriber. This document will describe how the network is designed, offering insights as to why the design is effective. The documents will then often brief, incremental suggestion to improve the overall network capability.

To begin, Verizon Wireless is one of two major U.S. carriers that use CDMA2000. CDMA 2000 is a family of 3G mobile technology standards, which use CDMA channel access, to send voice, data, and signaling data between mobile phones and cell sites. The cell sites are important attributes of the Verizon Network. Verizon's cellular network is distributed wirelessly through areas called cells. The cell covers a specified land mass within a particular region. Each cell typically has one transceiver known as a base station that uses a particular frequency. These cells, are joined together to form a coverage area over a wide geographic region such as the United States....


Through the use of these cells a large number of portable devices are better able to communicate with one another. This occurs due to the transceiver on the base station. The Verizon network, has a large coverage area, because additional cell towers can be added that are not limited by the horizon. In addition, the same frequency can be used for multiple links as they occur in different cells. Chart 1 below provides an example of the Verizon cellular network.

Chart 1

Carrier networks distribute massive quantities of data over great distances. The long-distance signal-conveying medium in a carrier network is sometimes called the backbone. Most of the backbone is built around fiber optics, although some portions of some networks still employ "copper" cable. Internet service to individual end users can take place through fiber optics although cable, wireless, and satellite Internet modes are more common. In rural areas, some end users rely on twisted pair telephone lines for their Internet access.

As discussed above, the key characteristic of the Verizon cellular network is the ability to re-use frequencies to increase both coverage and capacity. In chart 1,…

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