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Network Design Consultation

Design recommended for the client

The requirement of the client of the small billing business shall deserve a tailored system for his network design. This compels for network similar for a small office management process. Shall has a variety of the components suited in their places. The network shall facilitate the process of file sharing, internet access, connection to a networked printer, maintain a basic, secure environment and facilitate a multiple email addresses. The application of the client/server system shall prove vital for the entire process of the design work considering the laid requirement by the clients. The client specifies that the numbers of the user are three. This leads to the categorization as the multiple user networks (Kennington, 2011).

The design focuses majorly on the speed of the hard disk, the quality on the networks and the vital feature of the workstation to enable smooth operation. The access point shall connect the laptops from the center of the network. This shall facilitate the configuration of the peripheral of the system at their different points. However, connection of the printer shall emerge from one of the laptops. Noting that the workstations shall far apart dependable and secured wireless system shall be viable for the project.

Star topology shall have the best applications due to the nature of the user system. This is due to the centralization of the hub of the network at the center. This acts ah the concentrator of the network. From the point, the supervision management and control of the operations of the system shall have effect as compared to the other systems. For the check on the viability in terms of the cost effectiveness of the project, coaxial cables may gain use. The star system avails several advantages to the client (Kennington, 2011). This includes the ease of installation and wiring as may be suitable. In the process of removal of the other devices, few cases of disconnections emerge. It shall facilitate the detection of the faults in the process of removed parts.

However, the topology may exhibit several demerits for the network design. These are eminent in the quantity of the cables applied if need be. However, the system shall fully rely on the wireless feature for the process of operation and not the Ethernet that may demand the use of the cables. The network shall invest on the 802.11b that is similar to unregulated radio signal frequency to operate. This frequency is much dependable in the transfer of folders and files for as required by the client. The frequency has economical basis since it is cheap. However, they have characteristic interferences features in cases on of influence from the microwave ovens, phones without cords and other electrical signal producing appliances (Kennington, 2011). They possess a frequency of approximately 2.4 GHz range. Proper consideration shall ensue to facilitate avoidance of the interference features. This includes the isolation of the device from the appliances.

Diagram of the configuration

Workstation 1


User 1

File server

Workstation 2


User 2

User 3

The three user computers connect to the hub of the system. The two workstations shall use one printer at the various times.

The length of the distance apart of the workstations shall not bear much significance noting that the system makes massive use of the wireless connection for the components. The star connection shall facilitate the advancement in the growth of the network as may be deemed vital. This is achievable in the addition of the concentrator to the network. The consideration for the money factor for the system is vital especially considering that the system has l linear bus network has low financial implications.

Network architecture entails the designing of the appropriate communication network. It normally encompasses the framework for the specification of the existing network's physical apparatus accompanied by their specific functional organization. Moreover, it also entails the configuration, the outfitted, principles and procedures, and the corresponding data formats utilized. The prevailing Open Systems International model has segregated the existing communications systems into minor sections known as layers. Network architecture normally possess physical layer, data linking layer, network layer, Transport Layer, The Session Layer, Presentation Layer and application layer (Halabi & McPherson, 2000).

Physical layer normally defined the prevailing electrical accompaniment of fundamental devices physical specifications. It entails the outline of the pins, voltages, hubs, cable specifications, repeaters, host bus adapters and the network adapters. It diffuses the existing stream of the bits above a communication channel. Data Link layer within the network architecture offers the efficient and technical ways of transferring data amidst the network entities. It also identifies and corrects the prevailing error that occurs within the physical layer. The prevailing Local area network architecture entails the broadcast- capable of performing the multi- access media (Halabi & McPherson, 2000).

Suggested network architecture and Internet access configuration

Network layer

It makes available the procedural and functional means for variable length data sequence transfer. This is from one network source host to a different designated destination network host. This happens with maintenance of service quality as per Transport Layer request. It is capable of conducting the functions of network routing and capable of handling reassembly and fragmentation, and errors in report delivery. Routers at this layer execute a logical addressing scheme that is not hierarchical (Halabi & McPherson, 2000). It majors in subnet operation control and determines strategies in routing between IMP.

Transport layer

It aids in the provision of data transfer between end users to the upper layers. It controls the reliability of links through segmentation/segmentation, flow control and error control. Protocols are connection and state oriented. TCP as a protocol supports virtual circuits hence provides connection oriented communication. This happens over a datagram network. The datagram delivers randomly broadcasting the packets to multiple nodes. It indicates of the message belonging to which connection (Halabi & McPherson, 2000).

The session layer

It is responsible for the provision of interface to the supposed established connection of network. The user negotiating to establish should provide a remote address that is contactable. Setting up a session operation between the two processes is binding. It is fusible with transport layer in some protocols suited with the function of transferring data from one application to the other application.

Presentation layer

It establishes the context between Application Layer entities. Higher layer entities apply different semantics and syntax when presentation service aids in the provision of a mapping linking them. It transforms data into an acceptable form by the application. It encrypts and formats data meant to be going across the network (Halabi & McPherson, 2000). An original presentation structure has the capabilities through application of ASN.1 basic encoding rules of converting EBCDIC-coded file into ASCII-coded file.

Application layer

The layer is an OSI layer closer to an end user. The user interacts directly with OSI application layer. It also cooperates with software applications capable of implementing communication component. The functions are typical including the identification of communication partners, synchronizing of communication and the determination of resource availability (Halabi & McPherson, 2000).

Hardware requirements and costs

The hardware requirements and costs fundamental for the process of acquisition and maintenance of the networks are vital in the process of running the billing business (Kennington, 2011). The customer needs a wireless networking system. This calls for the following hardware components. These are two laptops, one server, one quality and dependable printer. The client's financial plan requires spending not exceeding $5,000 on the basis and a recurrent of the less than $200 per month. Moderation in expenditure on the buying of the hardware and software for the network is vital. The computer processes especially for the server demands a computer system has a large processor demands.

Single User System specifications


Minimum specifications


Operating System

Windows 2008

Windows XP





Operating System specifications

150 MB RAM + OS specifications

Hard Disk Size

2.0 GB, 5 KB per account



Windows friendly

Clean and dependable

Daily Offsite backing




Surge protection

Surge shield & UPS

Table 1 - solitary User Hardware suggestions

The specification of the operating systems, processor, memory capacity, hard disk size, and CD-ROM and power specifications comes intact in the purchase of the laptops. However, some sellers or manufacturers do have provided the installations (Kennington, 2011). This dictates that an individual shall purchase and install the software. This may prove expensive to the emergent business due to the initial limits in terms of the costs. However, the client can purchase a license for software in shorter basis to facilitate the growth of the business. The inauguration of the business demands that have protection from exceptionally high financial risks exposure.

Network prerequisites for the Server


Minimum specifications


Operating System

Windows 2007 (up to 3 users)

Windows 2003 Server





Operating System specifications

250 MB RAM + OS specifications

Hard Drive Size

40 GB, 10 KB per account

40 GB


Compatible for Windows…

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