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Jail Playground

The main subject of this report is the art and practice of stereotyping. The test case for this analysis will be a playground apparatus that was set up at an inner-city school in New York. The obvious theme of the playground setting was a jail environment. Given the minority nature of the kids present and the harsh realities that do and will exist for the kids (not to mention the parents) that are in the area, this playground theme obviously rubbed some people the wrong way. This report will answer a few questions including concerns over the theme, what socialization means, how the children will be adversely affected by the jail theme, what stereotypes are, how stereotypes can be harmful to minorities and so forth. While the jail theme, in and of itself, will not condemn those kids to a life of crime and depravity, the optics of using that theme and the blatant stereotyping...


The only way it could have been worse is if the playground had a jungle theme with apes and monkeys. This would have given racial overtones against blacks that even exceed the jail theme. Anyway, the jail theme was completely off-base even with race not being an issue (and it is) because jail and incarceration needs to be the furthest thing from those children's minds except for the caveat that if they do not apply themselves and do well in life, they could quite likely end up in jail or prison. Beyond that, the presence a jail theme would clearly stunt and influence the socialization of the children and would condition them to believe that they are doomed to be in jail and/or that other people think they belong there, among other nasty effects. Socialization is supposed to be about getting used to interacting with others and integrating into society. When one's playground looks like a jail and this dovetails with racist stereotypes about your race, then that is going to be a tall task (MIC, 2015).

A stereotype is an idea about a group such as a race or gender that could be true in some to many instances but is unfair and even…

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