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Nominal Group Decision-Making

earning team Creative Problem-Solving Demonstration: Topic "Coming late leaving early" Please Nominal Group Technique Discuss choose technique solve problem. - Nominal Group Technique Explain technique chosen briefly summarize technique conducted a virtual team environment.

Coming late and leaving early: Nominal group technique

Currently, our office is faced with a very difficult problem: people are arriving late and leaving early. The result is that productivity is decreased and people are getting paid the same amount of money for doing less and less work. To curtail this behavior, instead of issuing directives, management has decided to encourage buy-in by using the nominal group technique method, an alternative to brainstorming. This technique has the advantage of not 'pointing fingers' at specific employees, given that all employees have likely come late and left early at some point, meaning that no one is innocent of the crime. The objective of the exercise is not placing blame, but solving the behavior. Coming to a collective decision encourages buy-in by all of the group members.

First, the leader of the group frames the issue. "It has come to our attention that some members of our organization are coming to work late and leaving work early. What should we do about this?" The issue is framed in a non-directive and non-accusatory fashion. It also suggests that all group participants want to do something about the negative behavior, rather than contributing to it. Then, all members of the group are given time to brainstorm ideas individually. Some of these ideas might include "using a time clock;" "having people sign-in at the front desk," "docking pay after unexcused absences." After everyone in the group has taken the same, specific time period to brainstorm ideas, then the group leader tells them to stop and writes down all of their suggestions on, so they can be publically viewed. For this topic, there is likely to be a fair amount of overlap between the different suggestions, and no suggestion is written down…

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