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In other words, people are more interested in reading the tone, pitch of speaker's voice and pace of the words. This is very common when a group of people are sitting and having a conversation over a specific topic of interest or when discussing a social issue. Therefore, it can be well stated that language or words is not necessarily required when communicating with one another.

Nonverbal communication is measured as the most efficient and honest expression without making use of single language on a broad spectrum. This is predominantly due to the reason that thousands of different and distinct expressions can undoubtedly be communicated through facial expressions like eye contact, hand shake, smile and so forth. This quality of versatility of expression of facial expression can be proved by the example of a smile, where every individual is well cognizant of the message that is conveyed by even a small smile.

Experts have enlightened the piece of information that nonverbal communication not only plays a pivotal and essential role in general situations but also in particular situations. Taking a classroom environment for instance, the postures and gestures of students communicates a variety of messages and facilitates the teacher in understanding and determining the degree of attention, concentration, interest or involvement from the student as well as the level of likeness of the students towards the teacher.

In light of nonverbal communication phenomenon, it is prudent to claim that an individual can express and broadcast their true sentiments, emotions, thoughts and intentions on a particular situation and, simultaneously the same can be acquainted with other's feelings through their reactions and responses. It is evidently claimed that people can lie by making use of verbal communication, however, their facial expressions and body language cannot be artificial and reflect the true emotions and thoughts. Due to this reason, nonverbal communication facilitates the social psychologists in a better manner to determine, understand and analyze the human behavior (how an individual can behave or act) in a social context.

Empirical studies have also disclosed the information that nonverbal forms of communication and gestures contributes to increased trust, transparency and relationship with one another when it is in harmony to the words that are spoken by an individual to another person. It signifies the fact that the nonverbal gestures should match the verbal communication or language if they want to gain the trust or confidence of others. Being true by words is automatically reflected through the body language and facial expressions.

While, on the other hand, it has also been observed that this form of communication often become the reason of tension, mistrust, and confusion amongst the two parties in case if the communication process is not transmitted in a clear and open style. Moreover, one's credibility can also be hampered or damaged in case if the nonverbal gestures or postures that the body transmits do not match the verbal messages.

Since non-verbal communication is a phenomenon that continues even when a person is not speaking or saying anything. This means that body language and nonverbal signals deeply and comprehensively create an impact on how others spot an individual, which gradually leads to the level of their liking and trust upon the individual. It has also been witnessed that connections and trust amongst the people are damaged, as unfortunately, people fail to convey positive nonverbal signals and unknowingly sends confusing or negative nonverbal signals.

Extensive studies have been carried out on a constant basis in order to have a deep and comprehensive examination on the hot topic of nonverbal communication, which is a difficult topic to study, as it is unintentional, unconscious and idiosyncratic. Moreover, it has come to an understanding that nonverbal communication is a difficult process to understand also because of the ambiguity this kind of communication creates. The ambiguity develops when the people make use of same nonverbal codes during the process of communication but in different meaning and context. In a very similar manner, vagueness is also created when people make use of different codes but with the same meaning.

However, it is prudent to note that this kind of communication is critical and vital in social interaction. Moreover, appearance and nonverbal communication is always present that sends constant messages to one another when two or more people gather under a single roof even if there is no conversation (verbally) is going on between them. Therefore, is declared by the experts that nonverbal communication is a pragmatic approach that manages the social world of an individual.

To put the entire dissertation to conclusion, it can be well stated that social psychology is the term that helps the experts in understanding the human behavior in a social environment. In addition, the inference from this data clearly exhibits the information that nonverbal communication is one of the types of social psychology that is most commonly and frequently used by the people for sending messages. Facial expressions, gestures, posture, eye contact, touch, physical space, and tone of voice are few of the styles of nonverbal communication that is used by the people during interactions in a social situation.

It is also proclaimed by various experts on the basis of empirical researches that nonverbal communication or the body language of the person is a powerful and effective tool of contact. This is characteristically due to the reason that this kind of communication aids the individual to build a strong bonding with other interacting people through open, precise and clear expression of gestures and postures.

Nonverbal communication is not only performed in general circumstances but people profoundly use nonverbal communication for particular situations as well. Indeed, social psychologists have concluded that not only business and interpersonal relationships are shaped by non-verbal communication, but also the financial and personal success, as well as psychological well-being is benefitted by nonverbal communication.


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