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Respecting the legal rights of students is not as easy as it may seem to an outsider. Student management issues and privacy issues, especially dealing with technology has challenged those in the educational leadership profession. Proper policies need to be flexible enough for subjective interpretation, but strict enough that students know specific boundaries not to cross. The knowledge gained in this course has opened up my eyes to the legal aspects that resonate throughout the government and directly impact what happens in the classroom. In dealing in public education, the roles of politics and legal interpretation play a significant factor in how teachers must respond to often challenging situations that are a result of social and cultural issues beyond the control of the school system itself. Knowing my role and performing my role in accordance with...


The balancing act that school leaders must perform in order to keep the many stakeholders within a school system environment is very difficult if clear priorities and ethics are not observed and implemented in some fashion. My views have slightly changed to the fact, that cooperation between teachers and school leaders must take precedent if anything is to be truly accomplished within the classroom. Putting personal differences aside, and focusing on the strategic objectives is a means to alleviate this problem as schooling environments become more and more challenging to operate within due to cultural and social changes that are present in today's public schools system. This knowledge based in cooperation can help steer the environment in the right direction and provide a balanced environment.

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A legal topic that is important to me and my school environment deals with privacy issues and technology. The merger of technology and education has caused many new problems that I don't believe we are…

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