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¶ … nursing class... strengths weaknesses. answer questions. personal assessment chapter taught strengths? Choose you greatest strength discuss plan advantages semester? Area weaknesses assessment highlight? Choose a weakness giving difficulty school, brain storm ways compensate semester. Personal reflection: Strengths and weaknesses

One personal strength I have always been proud of on a personal level is my ability to understand people. I am always the friend people come to for advice and guidance. I have been told on many occasions that I am good at making people feel comfortable and at ease. This could be called 'emotional intelligence.' I am able to know what someone needs to know, when they need to know it. Even when I must tell a friend a hard truth, I know not to reveal my feelings when that person is 'down' and is not receptive to change. I am good at settling conflicts between friends because I can remain objective, while still remaining sensitive to each party's needs. My friends trust me.

I am confident that my interpersonal skills will help me in my future career path as a nurse. Nurses must deal with patients facing difficult choices and life challenges. They must be able to 'read' the patient and give advice and


For example, a nurse needs to explain how to take medication to an elderly person differently than he or she would explain this to a younger person. The elderly person might have additional concerns about remembering to take the medication, or even being able to open up the bottle with arthritic hands. The nurse must acknowledge the patient's needs in their entirety and not simply see the patient as a collection of symptoms. If an adolescent girl needs advice about losing weight or birth control, these sensitive topics (which the girl might be embarrassed about) should be addressed in a manner to make her feel comfortable, while advising an adult on these subjects might require a more straightforward approach. I hope…

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