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The purpose of this paper is to explore how I can deal with situations in practice in a more effective way. There are many situations I have faced in my own experience in which I have dealt with communication difficulties and conflict in an organizational setting. It is definitely easy to get hooked on an emotional level with these encounters. For example, I have had one coworker who consistently invades my personal space on a regular basis. Whenever I see her, she gets uncomfortably close -- so close I can smell her breath. Another nurse fails to cleans up her work area after procedures and consistently leaves a mess for the next person to clean. This is not only irritating but potentially dangerous and not good practice.

Furthermore, other nurses seem to like to talk a lot about personal issues on the job. For example, one nurse is consistently bothering me about her marriage problems which can be distracting and honestly just plain uninteresting. This analysis will relate some of the material about leadership that has been covered in class to some of my personal situations and discuss how such situations could be better handled in the future. These situations can be dealt with in a professional and effective manner that is in the best interest of literally everyone in the practice.

Working with You is Killing Me

There are many ways to get "hooked" at work. Being hooked deals with the emotional attachment to a negative situation at work. Being hooked can be defined as the emotional response clouding your judgment. When you are affected by an emotionally negative situation at work then this can led to a range of both emotional and physical problems. Some of these types of issues include things such as their ability to (CRM Learning, 2007):

Zap your energy

Invade your thoughts


There are four ways to unhook from a situation that include (CRM Learning, 2007): Physically



With a Business Tool

The key to unhooking is to provide time to let your nervous system and emotional response to cool down before addressing the situation. This is important because if you are emotionally charged when respond to an irritating event there is an increased probability that you will handle it in a way that is less than professional.

One example, in regards to the coworker that is invading my personal space, if I were to immediately react to the situation I could seem offensive and probably rude. When she came to close I could jump back and say something offensive in a hooked manner. However, if I took time to unhook from the emotional state and calmed down then I could think about how to better deal with the situation from a different perspective. One response might be to calmly explain how I am sensitive to people being too close to me physically and that it makes me feel uncomfortable. If this was described in a calm and explanatory manner then it would likely be far more effective than a reactionary emotional response.

Furthermore, when a nurse fails to clean up their workspace this can also led to an irritating situation. Whoever discovers the mess must deal with it somehow by either cleaning it up or reporting it which is a nuisance. Additionally, it can simply create an unsafe working environment. It can…

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