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¶ … Lewin model of change can be useful as a way of encouraging people to get motivated about changing an ingrained policy that is no longer serving the organization. The first, foundational step of the model is the need to 'unfreeze' current standard operating procedures and to convince workers of the need for change. In the scenario you described, it seems as though there was a base level of understanding of the workers about the need for more effective use of bar code medication administration (BCMA) at the end of twelve months, given the organization had already had this program in existence for one year with a compliance rate of 90%. However, there was clearly a failure in terms of the implementation of the actual change component in terms of the design of the training program. The 'refreezing' should not take place until the standard operating procedures have taken hold in a manner that shows a clear improvement over the previously-existing ones.

Management strategies to deal with the change needed to be deeper and more intensive. Using one-on-one teaching, although resource-intensive, could rectify gaps in knowledge, pairing mentors with employees demonstrating a knowledge deficit. If that was impossible for all supplemental staff, reducing class sizes and allowing for more questioning might be helpful,...


Even if the proactive change is undertaken in a positive and thorough manner, there will always be a need for change in the future. Yes, backsliding is a risk but there is also danger that the new change will become just as calcified, unnecessary, and outdated as what is replaced. Change must be constant in every organization.


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Capstone comments: Discussion 2

Although many educational methods can be used to transmit nursing education, inevitably the question arises as to which one is the best. That is why I think your project is so useful. Furthermore, even if a variety of methods may effectively transmit information, it is in the organization's best interest to expend its resources in the most efficient way possible. Every teaching plan regarding nursing education results in some opportunity cost to other methods: choices must be made because resources are finite. Simulations can presumably be resource-intensive because of the time and the technology needed to engineer them. However, if they yield superior results, they are well worth the investment. Lecturing may be cheaper, but…

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