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¶ … Health Promotional Model by Nola Pender

The following study focuses on Srof and Velsor-Friedrich (2006) article titled "Health Promotion in Adolescents: A Review of Pender's Health Promotion Model." According to the health and promotion model, every individual possesses unique personal characteristics as well as experiences that influence subsequent actions. Various sets of variables for behavioral knowhow affect the essential motivational significance. The authors have emphasized the need to identify the variables that can be influenced by different nursing procedures. The health-promoting norms should facilitate improvement in health and enhance functional ability as well as the appropriate quality of life at all developmental stages.

According to Srof and Velsor-Friedrich (2006), the Health Promotion Model is a predictive nursing strategy that Nola proposed in 1982. In this case, she sought to explain people's perspective on their health and the effect of their personal foundation and direct actions. The model predicts the potential for the positive health behaviors for a person or a group. The endorsement of health is present in nursing. This type of health promotion is very pertinent to nursing in quite a bigger spectrum. In early 2006, Pender's revision of this model sought to bring an advanced and improved usefulness in a growing health-promoting involvement. Ideally, the review majored on the key aspect that anticipation has in predicting the effectiveness of nursing interventions and improving the state of health of clients.

The article identifies divisions of the health...


While focusing on adolescents, the divisions are identified, as are individual attributes and familiarity, precise behavior cognitions, and involvement that play some role behavioral change of an individual. Moreover, other chief determinants were further categorized to form the best health-promoting behavior. The precise behavior cognitions are recognized as a distinguished advantage of action, recognized blockade to action, recognized self-effectiveness, action related influence, interpersonal sway and circumstantial control. Ideally, the obligation of an individual to the preparation of action and challenging commands and partialities are advanced and weighed to bring the desired results.

Presentation: Meta-paradigms and Uniqueness

The HPM as Pender postulated are based on the constructs of health, person, environment and nursing. The theory enhances the understanding of the dynamics found in personal motivation that are of great influence in social cognitive theory. There are some barriers to this nursing action, and they operate within themselves in attending the patients. These barriers include the time that affects the intentional demanded by the patient through lack of regular ability to multitask. The middle of this system is based on some theories that are found on human behavior. These affections also may include the overabundance of new information and demand which has an emotional reaction to stress. Loneliness should also be considered as they affect the health-promoting actions. It is mostly experienced in an elderly population where McGuire…

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Srof, B.J. & Velsor-Friedrich, B. (2006). Health Promotion In Adolescents: A Review Of Pender's Health Promotion Model. Nurs Sci Q. 2006 Oct;19(4):366-73.

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