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Nursing Theory

Applications in Nursing

Nursing Theory and its Applications

In this paper, we will assess a grand nursing theory namely the Humanistic Model. First let's have a brief introduction regarding this theory. The nursing theories either grand or middle range give organization in expressing statements which are related to questions in the field of nursing. It also gives nurses the opportunity in describing, predicting, explaining and controlling different sorts of activities which are relative to their daily practice. Nursing theories regarding the humanistic model believe on the phenomena that patients hold the key potential in self-actualization which can be used in many healthy as well as creative ways. Here, the focus of the humanists lie in the belief that nursing care is basically two-way interaction which occurs between patients and the nurse, the outcomes of this relation are influenced by both of their actions.

Firstly, let's have a look on some of the important phases in the study of overall nursing. "A nurse should always have broad understanding of its own viewpoints, this helps in making more sense and adding more meanings to its overall experience." (Williams, 2000). Nurses should also be more open to new and many different ideas and innovations which can greatly help in their overall profession in which they are required to know the requirements and wants of others very carefully.

Nurses should always be actively engaged in back and forth conversations with others in order to gain more clear understanding of others which can greatly help in further simplifying their tasks.

It is very important to know others scientifically in the field of nursing, here the nurse analyses, compares, interprets, contrasts and categorizes the issues it faces. A nurse should also have the ability to see itself as a source of knowledge, it could develop this by measures such as more understanding, more effective communication, increased learning from own and other's experiences and so on. A knowledgeable person is respected everywhere and in the field of nursing it also has more chances of promotion, it even helps to save more lives and to give other nurses help in their duties which can ultimately result in more patient satisfaction and affiliation towards the environment in which the nurse operates.

All of the mentioned above points are very essential and are closely integrated to the humanistic model. The sense of responsibility towards the community is the basic essence here and the more the nurse or other individuals related to the field realize this the better they are in performing their jobs. It is an environment which appreciates good competition but also allows everyone to help others in their matters since this can result in the greater good of the entire community where these individuals serve. Therefore these practices should not be limited to the nursing role only and should be expanded to more senior authorities like doctors, senior level surgeons, top level management, patients and so on.

Also, it should be noted that environments which are full of stress in situations such as acute care fails to allow giving appropriate time for the nurses in which they can reflect, relate as well as provide much needed support to everyone. "It should always be remembered that talking and listening greatly helps in evaluating and clarifying many different functions and values for nurses as well as for patients." (Taylor, 2006).

Applications in a Professional Area

Here, we will apply the humanistic model in professional areas such as in different environments like in management, education and so on. However our focus will remain firmly at patient care in a hospital.

Although it is a primary function from the nurse's side to look after the safety and protection of patients, it is also very necessary for patients to cooperate with the nurses as well as doctors which look after them. Therefore, in humanistic model theory the patient safety is considered to be a collaborative goal which requires efforts from patients as well as the entire healthcare team. In environments such as hospitals, the considerations like education, culture, patient care,...


"It is important to note here that recent advancements in the profession have allowed nurses to greatly increase their role in providing much more focus at primary care which emphasizes on many prevention techniques as well as the maintenance of health." (Kim 2006).

It has also allowed a person to approach health care in many different means such as by spiritual, mental and other physical means that were previously considered to be impossible. Technological advancements have also allowed to help more in detecting and intervening in case if any disease outbreak occurs thus greatly reducing the effects on patients. The methodologies used in detecting such outbreaks include not only the hi-tech equipment but methods by which we interact a target population, here again the focus is given to the humanistic theory which gives us proper guidance on how to interact with others.

"Critical thinking is a very crucial aspect in patient care." (Feldman, 2005). It relies on many things such as knowledge base, proper attention, tasks arrangement, behavior and so on. The humanistic theory shapes the entire thinking process into a more productive one, this greatly allows a nurse to be efficient in all of the above mentioned tasks of critical thinking.

The result is a better prepared nurse in the times of medical emergency such as during any fatal event like shootings, bombings and so on, here the hospital is main source of help for the injured individuals. A nurse who is much more efficient in critical thinking can handle many patients in these times of emergencies at the same moment. It requires extreme focus, patience, leadership ability and knowledge to look after each and every individual at the same time in moments like these where panic is extreme.

Therefore the humanistic theory is one of the best theories which guides individuals in performing their nursing duties in all sorts of times and which is useful in giving positive inspiration to others as well.

Real Life Example of Humanistic Theory at Patient Care

One of the many examples from real life comes from Stuart Kerr from the U.K. He is a person who had all the credentials to join Royal Navy, instead he chose to be a nurse at the Royal United Hospital which is situated at Bath. He strongly believes in helping others with his actions and it is this belief which made him join the nursing profession. It is this strong sense of help towards others that makes many individuals to pursue this field in their life. Stuart Kerr among many others has already helped doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals to save the lives of many individuals some of them in severely critical condition.

Here, the knowledge of humanistic theory not only guides Stuart in helping others medically but at a personal level he is also known to be a very friendly person who helps those which are close to him. It is people like him that patients tend to have a friendlier attitude resulting in more cooperation from both sides.

Application in Second Professional Area

Let's further explore the concept of the humanistic theory in nursing at a second professional area namely the community setting. Let's have a brief overview followed by basic elements, major roles, major settings and other aspects regarding the community settings. The basic essence of community can be defined from a group of individuals which share some vital features of each others lives as well as using common resources and institutions. Also, the concept of health can be defined as a truly balanced position of well-being which results from the harmonic interactions among body, mind and soul. Therefore the term of community health can be defined as keeping up to the needs of our communities by correctly finding problems and then managing proper interactions within community.

By above statement, we can see the close relation between the humanistic theory and the concept of community. Let's have a look at some of the basic elements in the nursing practice which are found in many different community health programs and related services.

The promotion of healthful living helps individuals in having a better lifestyle for themselves, this ultimately results in the individuals being better able to serve themselves and their communities. Here the nurses can advocate others how to live a better life with doing simplest of things such as living in a clean environment, having a healthy diet as well as a healthy routine involving exercises and so on.

The second element is the prevention of health problems, nurses can actively engage in many health related programs which inform people on how to avoid those things which causes damage to a healthy lifestyle. These programs can include the knowledge and awareness campaign regarding the uses of cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and other related materials. People can be informed on how these…

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