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This has an effect on their social relations with other individuals, as they do not see the weaker person as someone who should be respected. At which point, the odds increase that this person could become a social outcast. Evidence of this, can be seen by looking no further than the study that was conducted in the article, The Dyadic Nature of Bullying and Victimization. Where, researchers found that aggressive action will have an impact upon the social status of weaker individuals. As the more dominate the bully was over a select individual, the greater the chances are that they will be rejected by the entire class. Once this takes place, it means that a self feeding cycle of aggressiveness will occur. This can cause multiple bullies to begin engaging in similar kinds of actions towards weaker individuals. As a result, the long-term psychological effects can be severe for both. Where, the bullies believe that aggressive action, will give them what they want in life. While, the victims are unable to adapt, to social situations and have trouble with relationships involving: members of the opposite sex. Over the course of time, this can cause the weaker individual, to have pent up amounts of rage and anger, because of what happened. (Orme, 2007, pp. 1843 -- 1854)


The interconnected relationship between play fighting and bullying is significant, because it shows how a backdrop of aggressive behavior is: first instilled in children at an early age. Where, it seems like a harmless rite of passage. When in reality, it is setting the foundation for someone to be more aggressive than others. Over the course of time, this will create various social groups, with a chain of command having the most aggressive individuals at the top. At the same time, the weaker individuals are subservient to more dominant members of the group or other groups. This will have an impact upon social relations going forward, as the views and ideas of the most aggressive individuals will be respected. While, those ideas and attitudes from the weaker members of the group will be seen as: foolish (despite the fact that this person may be more intelligent). In a social setting, this will cause the stronger individual to...


While the weaker members of the group, will have an inferiority complex, because of these perceptions. Once both people become adults, these attitudes will make it more difficult for them to adjust in society. As these roles are not tolerated, with aggressive individuals facing punitive actions, while weaker individuals have trouble adapting. In either case, one could effectively argue that the relationship between play fighting and bullying at an early age, will have a dramatic impact upon the psychological development of the individual.

Clearly, there is a direct correlation between play fighting and bullying. For the psychologist, mitigating these effects can be challenging, as this is often viewed as part of growing up. As a result, the mental health professional would need to discuss with the individual early on, the need for respect and understanding one another. While this could seem like it is a waste of time, the impact of offering another way to view what is happening, could create a change in perceptions among the individual. At which point, you are helping to reduce the negative impact as much as possible. This is because, the relationship between the two are interconnected. Where, play fighting will help to instill a pattern of aggressive behavior in the individual. Over the course of time, this will cause one person, to believe that they are stronger than another because of these perceptions. Once this takes place, it means that the aggressive actions towards the weaker individuals will become more extreme. At which point, bullying will become more prevalent. This will cause psychological damage to the bully (who has warped sense of reality) and the individual (who is unable to adapt). In either case, the modern psychologist needs to devise various tools and techniques that can help to mitigate the effect that this is having on both. Otherwise, each person will have trouble adapting to society when they become older, in one way or another.


Ormel, J. (2007). The Dyadic Nature of Bullying and Victimization. Child Development. 78 (6), 1843 -- 1854.…

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