On the Job Communicating at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Preparing a Case Analysis Case Study

Excerpt from Case Study :

JOB: Case analysis

Problem Identification:

Malaria is a killer in many parts of the world and it specifically affects a large population of young children around the globe. I need to write a report that would inform the public about the threat that malaria poses to lives and health of millions of people who due to lack of better health facilities and treatment are dying unnecessarily. These lives could have been protected had better services been available to these people. Bill Gates foundation has undertaken the task of reaching out to this underprivileged population globally. I need to write a report which can be downloaded from the website but before they do so, I need them to know about the significance of the report so the people wouldn't download it without knowing what it contains.

Since people from various walks of life visit the Bill Gates foundation website, I am not sure of the target audience. They can be NGO workers, students, philanthropists etc. belonging to different educational backgrounds and hence the only thing that would connect them is a real concern for people's health in underprivileged areas of the world. Hence I need to write the report using a professional yet simple language so everyone can easily digest the facts and understand the gravity of the issue.


I have various alternatives available to me to make the report pertinent and easily readable to everyone who is genuinely interested in the issue of Malaria.

1. For one, to attract the right audience and to make sure they understand the seriousness of the issue, the report must have a catchy title. This title should indicate very succinctly the purpose of the report. Some suggestions include: Many lives that could have been- Malaria a major predator or Malaria Taking lives-Unnecessarily

2. The report should first present a brief abstract to everyone who wishes to download the file.

3. An email address should be inserted in the PDF file so users who are genuinely interested can contact the writer

4. Users can indicate their email address voluntarily before downloading in case they need to get some updates

5. A short form can be filled out by users indicating their profession so we can get information on demographics of users mostly…

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