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Organizational Culture of Your Company

Organizational Structure

The best organizational structure that can be developed is the project organizational structure. It combines the concepts of the line, line organizational and functional authority structures. Consequently, authority is distributed, enabling vertical control and coordination. It also gives room for dependent and interdependent activities. The direction of workflow under this structure depends on the abilities and talents of staff, influenced by where they are placed in the structure. Once a project is completed, specialists can go back to their respective departments where they can begin new projects. It is also advantageous because if used well, the structure can also accommodate a matrix organization when a company has grown (de Witte, & Van Muijen, 2000).

The structure is best for our company because it works brilliantly for new companies. Additionally, it allows for specialists placed differently in the company structure to achieve specific results. The structure also enables temporary organization. In essence, it is good for our company because there is a need for flexibility; how one group is treated will differ from another. By using this structure, it becomes easy to monitor all the activities in the company. Consequently, it is possible to get a picture of customer satisfaction in the


The structure also allows the company to set goals and deadlines they should be delivered. Therefore, the employees and particularly guides to the safari can know how much they are expected to contribute. In essence, the perfect balance between functional division and specialists' contributions is why the structure is ideal for our company (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2008).

Recommendations for Better Organizational Behavior Management

While using a functionally divided approach where groups are competing to hit their targets, disunity may become a problem. Therefore, managerial control will be important in making sure employees that they are competing to make the company more productive. Adopting an interactive managerial control will also help levels of unity in the company. The employees will also feel that they are part of the company since they can also contribute what they think is important (Mawhinney, 2013).

Another important recommendation that would define the company's culture is developing its code of ethics. Ethics contributes the most to how employees behave in the workplace. For the company, hospitality is everything. Judging that the company will be implementing a new idea in Kuwait, the first impression is important. Therefore, a…

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