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¶ … adaptive leadership. It will explore the major adaptive challenges faced by organizational leaders in the workplace, and means to overcome them. It will also delve into how a firm's adaptive capacity may be enhanced.

The Adaptive Challenge

The firm studied in this paper has employees of diverse identities and natures, hailing from different places with different values and beliefs; thus, the company demonstrates a kaleidoscope of thoughts and ideas. An attempt at balancing this varying set of personalities could be burdensome to any organization. Hence, we will seek a means to enable the workforce to work as one strong team, in spite of their differences. Thus, an adaptive company environment will be sought (Paper @ Document Provided By Customer), which would display how the firm would manage an environment that has employees from around the globe.

Current State of Organization Adaptation

Of late, it has proven very challenging to identify any particular individual as the company's weakest link. This 'weakest link' might be an employee who holds the firm back due to egotistical and/or personality factors; they may also be a...


Thus, other methods need to be established to resolve individual personality issues for the company (Survey Data Document Provided By Customer). Greater responsibility should be delegated between workers. Some leaders are hesitant to take such a step as they believe that the task would be better done by senior company leaders themselves. At present, 'older' personnel (not necessarily age, but potentially experience) appear to have greater knowledge compared to junior employees. This could be because of a failure in the latter to expand their knowledge and skill base (Survey Data Document Provided by Customer). The firm, on the bright side, effectively espouses continuous learning by means of training, on a monthly and three-monthly basis. The company has a program for tracking every training assignment's headway and completion. The firm is highly reputable for both its objectivity and subjectivity. What keeps it running successfully is the firm's capability of developing resolution strategies for handling issues which may emerge from workplace conflicts.

Recommendations on How Organization Can Improve Ratings/Examples

Cultivating an adaptive company culture will facilitate the firm or community to meet persistent future adaptive challenges. While developing adaptive capacity represents a medium- to long-term aim, it can be achieved only by mobilizing from now onwards (Heifertz,, 2009). All current challenges provide opportunities to resolve immediate issue(s), as well as establishing means of operation for these solutions to work as norms in resolving subsequent issues. Thus, the company's challenges must…

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