Organization Behavior Marketing Strategies For Odi Lens Essay


Organization Behavior Marketing Strategies for ODI Lens


Target Customers and Market Segmentation

Major Target Groups

Pricing Strategies for ODI Lens

Introduce at the minimum possible price

Convincing the potential farmers

Selling and Promotional Strategies for ODI Lens

Promotional mediums

Forecasting Unit of Sales for the Next Three Years

Optical Distortion Inc. is a small scale business corporation that manufactures contact lenses for chickens to impair their eyesight. The lenses manufactured by ODI are used by chicken farmers in order to reduce chicken cannibalization and trauma which occurs after debarking process. It also improves the feeding efficiency of the chicken farm. Optical Distortion Inc. has brought revolutionary change in the chicken farm management by replacing the traditional techniques of reducing cannibalization with the usage of ODI lenses.

ODI lens is a thin plastic or glass lens that is placed on the Cornea of a chicken's eye and restricts their eyesight. It is a proven technique of getting the maximum output and reducing the costs to their minimum level (Optical Distortion 2012). This paper presents a set of marketing strategies which ODI can use to sell and market its product in the most effective and efficient way. The paper covers market segmentation, pricing and promotion strategies, and forecasting for the unit of sales in the next three years period for ODI lenses. The figures used in the forecasting are completely based on assumptions.


The target customers for ODI lens is all the chicken farmers that are doing business with more than 10,000 chickens. Most of the farmers who are operating with less than 10,000 chickens always face financial difficulties...


Therefore, the major group of target customers will be the farmers that operate with flock sizes of 10,000 and want to manage their business costs with innovative techniques and products. ODI lens have shown remarkable success since its introduction in the industry (Optical Distortion 2012).
Major Target Groups:

The target market can be segmented into two major groups; medium scale and large scale. The chicken farmers that have flocks of 10,000 to 50,000 chickens fall under medium scale group whereas those who operate with more than 100,000 chickens are from large scale group. The medium scale group is professionally operated business that can have severe financial difficulty if mortality and fatal diseases hit their chickens. On the other hand, large scale group can support its business by investing in the implementation of technology in its processes. On the basis of this analysis, both of the groups can be a potential target market for ODI lens (Beauchamp 1983).


Introduce at the minimum possible price:

ODI will not only have to convince the farmers to buy its lenses, but also ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase decision. For this, it should charge a fair price which not only covers its manufacturing and promotional expenses, but also give an attractive profit. ODI lenses are not currently being sold to a large target consumer segment; it has a limited demand due to lack of its awareness among chicken farmers in many regions. To penetrate the market successfully and earn good returns for the business, ODI should sell its product at minimum possible price which may not give a high return on its investments, but can attract a greater market segment to buy it. After it gets a positive response in the form of high sales growth, it can increase its price and earn good…

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