Organization Is Fragmentized Into Several Case Study

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The organizational task should be supported and shared by all the internal departments. The departments should be encouraged to work in proper correspondence with each other. The Egan's Clothiers Inc. should initially create professional and conducive work environment for its employees. The report that the internal conflicts between the departments are getting public exposure, and affecting the customers is discouraging. The difference of opinion is healthy sign, but differences should never be that severe that it turns out to be harmful for the organization. If the company affords to train its employees for improving the skills, it should also teach them to respect and practice professional courtesy towards its departments and colleagues. The company should either involve high management into dealing correspondence and related affairs between the department, the directors of the respective departments should be provided with ample opportunity of discussing their grievances and concerns openly in front of the management team.

If the company observes that internal conflicts are creating troublesome situation for the company, the situation can be easily handled by training the employees with knowledge of conflict management and conflict resolution.


It is encouraging to observe that the company has healthy proportion of the employees present on particular working days, the ratio of absentees is minimum. It is therefore important for the company to discourage the practice of hiring individuals as an alternative. If the maximum number of the employees are showing up, it is encouraging to observe their commitment and seriousness towards their profession. Therefore the next task should be to extract maximum out of their availability rather than dumping their potential.

The company should primarily focus on employee management, and resource allocation to secure and attain high profits, employee's goodwill and customers satisfaction.


The Human Resource Department is of fundamental importance...


Paying employees more than market value is not positive measure, and paying the employees higher because of their past experience is not appreciable at all. Recruiting experienced employees and then further spending on their training is not worthwhile policy, if the experienced recruit was to be further trained, what is the harm in recruiting the fresh graduates, paying them, reasonable, and investing on their skills and training accordingly.

I, under my authority, will ensure that my organization doesn't offer something that is costing me more than my competitors. Recruiting fresh graduates will be positive measure, because the fresh graduates have novel ideas with them. Training is continuous process applicable on all irrespective of their experience; therefore I personally view and agree with the company's investment on the training.

I'm firm believer of external recruitment and promotion, and therefore will ensure that the organization hires and promotes individuals externally, so that novel ideas can be welcomed and received. I personally desire to establish proper correspondence between the different departments of the organization, and in order to avoid any conflict and mistrust between the departments, I am motivated towards establishing strong medium for continuous correspondence between the departments chaired by me. All the grievances of the departments should be solved rather than being delayed.

A found Egan Clothiers least interested investing on launching advertising campaigns for their brands, I consider advertising to be important medium, that is much affluent than the salesperson. A single commercial can publicize my brand allover, where as the salesperson takes months and years to capture such market.


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