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The existing statement has some strengths, but also some weaknesses. The existing statement is similar to mine in that it provides a clear definition of the department's functions. However, the standards of performance are less well-defined, for example "quality" is less specific than "the highest ethical standards." The statements about workforce diversity are similarly open-ended, but mine is somewhat more specific.

Both statements provide a strong sense of the Department's role within the community, and both mention the word "serve" specifically. However, my organizational statement is stronger is that it specifies service to the community multiple times, an unequivocal statement about the role of the fire department and the nature of its core stakeholder. The existing statement speaks more of excellence but seldom mentions the community that is to be served, which I find to be an important part of a Fire Department's organizational statement. Some of the statements in the existing organizational statement provide little guidance to the employees or to the community -- "proactive," "innovative" and "excellence" in particular are ill-defined terms that are too open-ended to have significant meaning to any stakeholder.

Overall, my statement is more concise, more specific and most importantly more direct. It provides insight into the department that is actionable for internal stakeholders and also is useful for external stakeholders to understand specifically what they can expect from the department in terms of function and performance level. This represents, therefore, an improvement over the existing statement.

Appendix A: El Dorado Hills Fire Department existing Organizational Statement

Our Vision: We will be a leader in emergency services. We will be a diverse workforce that provides quality fire and life safety services through proactive and innovative training, education, code enforcement, risk assessment and community service.

Our Mission: To serve the community of El Dorado Hills with integrity and excellence.

Our Values: Integrity…Service…Excellence

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