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Organizational Behavior

An employee's behavior significantly impacts an organization's out put. It is therefore imperative that organizations deeply understand what productive and unproductive behaviors are. With this they can easily evaluate the relationship that exists between job behaviors and performance (Sacket, 2002).

Productive behaviors enhance productivity. Employee's who exhibit productive behavior boost an organization's productivity as they contribute positively to an organization's goals and objectives. Such behaviors include punctuality; handling an organization's customers professionally; ensuring that confidentiality is maintained by ensuring that no crucial information about an organization never leaks out; owning up when mistakes have been made; complying with health and safety standards; using an organizations' resources for the intended purposes and not for personal gains; productive employees would never sabotage an organization's merchandise or even misuse the expenses account. They will at all times ensure that qualities of their products are high. Such behaviors enhance productivity (Sacket, 2002).

Counterproductive behaviors to the contrary decrease productivity because they counter an organization's goals and objectives. Some of the behaviors that can decrease an organization's productivity are unnecessary absence; reporting to work late and leaving very early; engaging in rumors that injure the name of an organization by its employees; taking excessive breaks; covering up for mistakes that have been made; for organizations whose products have to meet certain standards, employees may fail to comply with requisite healthy and safety regulations; employees may also intentionally work slowly; working unnecessary overtime. For organizations that have policies on when and how phone calls can be made employees may decide to make long distance calls or even attend to their personal issues like mailing personal packages using a company's resources. Some employees may compromise quality wit a view to hurting an organization. Employees of organizations that are service-based may…

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