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Organizational Behavior

Objective of this project is to carry out the organizational behavior of the Emmar Properties. The paper investigates the strategy Emaar Properties employs to implement its organizational behavior to successfully carry out its business operations in Dubai and other countries that the company is operating. Essentially, the management tasks are to effectively use different skills to develop appropriate company structure and leadership to achieve their strategic objectives. This paper investigates Emaar's corporate structure, communication and training styles. Moreover, the paper uses the SWOT analysis to investigate the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats that Emaar is facing within the business environments. Using the results of the SWOT analysis, the paper provides the recommendations that will assist Emaar to improve its business operations.

Literature Review

The concept organizational behavior focuses on understanding, controlling, and predicting human behaviors within an organizational environment. (Punnett, 2004). Typically, organizational behavior evolves from the classical theory which continues to proliferate in a corporate culture. Efficient running of organization is a difficult task, thus, it is the task of management to effective manage the concept of organizational behaviors to achieve business objectives. (Luthans. & Youssef, 2007).

"Organizational behavior is the field of study that draws on theory, methods, and principles from various disciplines to learn about individual perceptions, values, learning capacities, and actions while working in groups and within the total organization; analyzing the external environment's effect on the organization and its human resources, missions, objectives, and strategies." (Encyclopedia of Small Business, 2007 p 830).

In essence, Emaar uses its quality corporate styles to develop the world's most admired and valuable real estate company. The company focuses on building quality, designs excellence and provides timely delivery. The company competencies are underlined with its expertise employed to operate in Dubai and several other global markets. (Annual Report, 2012).

3: Company Description

Emaar Properties is a global real estate company with the headquarter in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The company is a public joint-stock company listed as DFM: EMMAR on the Dubai Capital Market. The company operates globally operating as the management services and property development in several countries. Comparatively, the company is one of the largest land real estate developers in the Middle East, and known for its various major mega projects. For example, the company is a developer of Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Established in 1997, 32% of the Emaar total assets are owned by the Dubai government. Moreover, the company has entered into the joint ventures with numerous companies assisting in expanding its operations. The strategy location of the company headquarter add to its strengths since Dubai is one of the best locations for the real estate business. The company also employs loyal workers who have assisted the company to grow.

Since its inception, the company has provided value added to the community using master-planned to develop homes that meets people's life style. (Annual Report, 2012).

The company has also extended its master planned estate development internationally. In essence, Emaar has developed several projects primarily in Dubai that include the 500-acre mega projects. Emaar embraces its leadership position to enhance its reputation in the industry. Using the quality leadership strategy, the company has extended its leadership style to extend all aspects of its operation national and internationally by diversifying its business portfolios to deliver value, and quality style and services. In 2004, the company widens its operations internationally using the joint-venture business strategy to operate in various countries.

4: Vision and Mission


"To become one of the most valuable companies in the world, Emaar will adopt a strategy of business segmentation to create different business clusters functioning as different growth engines. The growth engines will grow and converge into a single entity known as "The Emaar Group PJSC." (Mehta, 2009 p 3).


"Our mission is to perform Emaar into a one stop, global solution provider for lifestyle, including homes, work, play, leisure, retail, health, education, finance, industry and more." (Mehta, 2009 p 3).

The company uses its vision and mission to form into a strategy. Emaar buys cheap land at the outskirts of the places it is operating and develops the land using the company standard to assist in selling off the properties...


At the end of the 2013 fiscal year, the company recorded the revenue of more than AED 10.3 Billion, which is more than $2 Billion. In the same financial year, the company recorded net income of more than AED 2.5 billion equivalent of more than $699 million. Over the past 5 years, the company total assets are increasing. A the end of 2013 fiscal year, the company recorded more than AED 64.9 billion, equivalent of $17.7 billion. The company efficient leadership style has assisted Emaar to implement mega projects globally, and diversify its portfolios.

5: Organization Structure

The company Board of Directors composes of 11 members that include the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and nine directors. Apart from the Board Directors, the company also has 21 principal officers consisting of the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Directors, General Managers and other company chief executive officers. The paper provides the organizational chart in Fig 1:

Fig 1: Emaar Organizational Chart

Emmar business composes of different operations across seven departments:

Emaar Dubai Property

Emaar International,

Emaar Investment,

Hotels and Resorts,

Emaar Mall

Emaar Hospitality,

Amalk Finance and Emaar Industries & Investments.

The fig 2 reveals the company corporate structure.

Fig 2: Emaar Corporate Culture

6: Organization culture

"Corporate culture encompasses the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs and other characteristics that define an organization's operating philosophy. Organizational." (Encylopedia of Small Business, 2007 p 830). Emaar Properties forms a strong organizational culture, which is profoundly ambitious, and goal oriented, and expects its employees to follow. Moreover, the company is highly customer oriented and expects all its employees to work towards delivering high quality standard to customers.

The dimension of the company culture is by embarking in risk taking, and team oriented. The company has a diverse workforce from 82 nationalities. Typically, the company operates in multicultural and professional working environments.

7: Training Style

In a contemporary business environment, organizations consider employees as assets. Over the years, Emaar uses different training methods to develop the skills and knowledge of its employees. The company believes that quality of its staff is very critical for its performances. Thus, the company employs the qualify staff for its business operations and uses the training and development to upgrade the skills of its employee. Emaar uses two different strategies to upgrade the knowledge of its employees.

First, the company provides formal training for its employees using external training provider such as Zabel International to oversee training procedures for its workforce. Through the external provider, the company provides the following training modules for its staff:

Management & Leadership Skills,

Business Communication,

Sales and Marketing,

Human Resources Management,

Computer skills,

Contract and project management, and Accounting and Finance.

Moreover, the company provides on-the-job training for its employee. The company uses this type of training for the new and inexperience workforce. The strategy is by using one of the experienced staff to develop the skills of the new employees and guide them on the appropriate method to carry out the jobs to meet the customer's expectations.

8: Communication Style

Emaar understands that effective communication is very critical for the success of the organization. Thus, the company uses both formal and informal communication style to enhance effective communication within the working environment. However, the company mandates its employees to communicate formally and in professional manner within the workplace. In essence, English is the official language of communication since the company's employees compose of 60 different nationalities. Moreover, Arabic is the second official language allowed in the company. To enhance effective communication within the workplace, the company uses the latest technology such as the internet to enhance effective communication among employees.

9: Organization and Management Philosophy

Emaar embraces excellent organizational and management philosophy in implementing its business operations. The company philosophy is to diversify its business portfolios to deliver high quality product for its customer. All organizations have techniques in running their business operations, and some of these techniques include motivation and leadership style. A leadership style includes the strategy that management employs in implementing plan, provides direction as well as motivating employees. Motivation is the technique that organizations employ to encourage their employees to act in the method laid down by the organizations.

The Emaar organization and management philosophy is to become the leading developer in Dubai as well as increasing the global operations. The company uses the bureaucratic leadership and decentralized management style to control its subordinates to achieve its business objectives. The company philosophy is also to reach the highest standard and deliver sustainable product throughout all aspects of the company operations. Moreover, the company philosophy is to shape the future and create high quality offices, homes, malls, as well as…

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Mehta, A. (2009).Emaar Properties PJSC and Subsidiaries Case Study. Institute of Management Technology Dubai.

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