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4. Organizational Behavior -- In this class, I learned the basics of planning within the business world. As far as organizational management is concerned, I feel that I have a good, solid methodology of planning for business practice. This will help me be prepared, no matter how bad the market is. Planning is crucial in any field, and in this economy, for a manager, it has become even more important. If one is able to plan, one can work through almost any period of difficulty, or period of success (Master's College, 2011). Therefore, planning skills are crucial to my success as a manager, and the success of my company. I feel that by being able to implement excellent planning skills, I will have nothing to fear.

5. Determinants of Organizational Culture -- In this class, I learned about how the corporate culture can change. The most important concept I took out of this class was how to adapt to the ever-changing business environment that is present with our current economical situations. I feel that this will help me understand the concepts of organizational management because it has provided me with a solid grounding in how I need to prepare and respond to certain market fluctuations. It is very important, especially with the recession we are currently in, to understand and adapt to environmental needs within the market. One's ability to do this can make or break one's overall success. Therefore, being able to move with the market, and being able to plan ahead, can help a manager and that manager's company succeed, no matter how bad the business environment.


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