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Sports Management Organizational Plan



This paper explains the business and organizational structure of Stark Sports Infrastructure (SSI), which is a vast organization dealing multiple functions. This firm is into production, selling and export of sports goods for various games. Apart from this, it also solicits dealings and sponsorships for sports good, kits and equipment of various local and national sports teams. It is also diversified into the field of games, and till date, it has organized various sports tournaments in various games, and has worked in collaboration with several social associations to promote the spirit of sports. Alongside these lines, recently, SSI has also launched its own regional football team, which has made it a vast operation in terms of organizational structure. Such a vast function requires specialized approach in terms of management and this is why there are certain functions which are to be dealt and studied in details. This paper covers various managerial functions in this direction and presents the complete business plan of SSI and related Sports Management Techniques which are implemented and directed towards operations. This also takes into account the organizational structure and tries to explain the hierarchy which is best suited for the same. (Klein, 2009)


Stark Sports Infrastructure is a vast organization now, but initially it all began from a small trading operation. In 1982, Ned Stark, who was a small time trader of leather, took interest in footballs, and started trading footballs in the local sports market. This was a small setup in the form of a shop, and there was huge potential in this market. Ned soon grew in operations, and with that added sports equipment from other sports as well, and this helped the shop grow into a huge sports departmental store. In early nineties, SSI initiated its manufacturing operations and from then on there was no looking back and there was constant growth. (Klein, 2009)


Today SSI has vast outreach and sphere of influence and operations, as it has a stronghold and enjoys great approach and namesake in terms of business. Sports equipment produced by SSI are widely appreciated and sold in the local market, apart from being exported to almost fifty nations across the world. There is vast demand in the sporting scenario, which is efficiently met by SSI and it is widely appreciated in terms of quality. The promotion of sports events and sports teams has given a lot of positive word of mouth for the firm and has helped maintain a positive image among market. (Klein, 2009)


We, at Stark Sports Infrastructure are dedicated towards providing best in class facilities in sports goods and related equipment. The company was established with a foresight of developing the sports niche of the market as a whole and provides best in class sporting goods to budding sportsmen. For this, only high quality material is used in our production and manufacturing function, which helps us produce sporting goods of great precision and value. We have also promoted our aim of competing in the field and this is the reason we sponsor great talents and sport stars. We salute the common sporting spirit which is prevalent in almost every human being and wish to continue the world of sports. For the future, we have plans to expand our horizons even further and to do so, we aim at greater tie ups and associations regarding our sports ventures (Maynard, 2010).


Sports are a vivid field and to gain success in this direction takes a lot of insight and expertise, and it becomes all the more important for the firm, which has higher aspirations in current and future endeavors. SSI is one organization, which is vast in terms of outreach and operations, as it includes various functions and processes in its facility. Such as diversified organization in such a vivid environment, needs a lot of information, knowledge, expertise and a consolidated discussion portal. To suit the overall structure and design of companies such as SSI, consultative style of management is suggested to carry out such operations with complete efficiency and effect. In this style of management and operation, it is important to create a valid function and scenario in direction of open discussion and contribution of ideas. There is a collection of ideas and knowledge to a much extent in an organization and this knowledge is to be shared. Consultative management style promotes the idea of knowledge sharing and contribution towards excellence. In this regard, there is a built up conclave on virtual level, which is prevalent inside the organization and which allows personnel to communicate freely and consult the experts for better


This is necessary and useful in terms business sustenance and makes the organization able to make changes according to changing structures. Sports organizations are at an increased level of vulnerability, due to the intricate nature of business. There are certain aspects which are suggested for an organization and which should be kept in mind while carrying out normal organizational functions and plan for risk.


There needs to be a detailed plan which is to be implemented at all organizational levels and the firm has to work collectively in this direction to enable working on risk levels. To construct the plan, there has to be an analysis of all members of staff and the levels at which they are skilled. All volunteers need to be positioned at levels which they are skilled and have knowledge about the same, and there should be consistency in work allotted to them. A format of certification is to be followed and implemented, and achievement of certification is to be maintained at higher levels (Corbett & Bell, 2010).


Implementation of risk management can be done through following steps:

Avoid the risk - For such an organization, it becomes very important to avoid risk at all cost, and to make sure that all operations are safe and sound. There is a regular safety procedure which is to be implemented and followed at all cost and this is mandatory for all staff members. However, there are some instances where taking risk is very important and it is tempting to take further step, given the gains which are promised form the venture. In such situation, all options are weighed and the one with least risk is followed.

Transfer the risk - This refers to the transferring of damage to another party or association in order to safeguard own interests. Insurance is considered to be the safest option, which helps in covering losses in long run and this is the reason that liability is transferred onto an insurance company and losses are preserved from happening.

Reduce the risk - There are various researched manners in which risk can be reduced and can be brought to minimal levels, and this can happen with research. There are certain set of actions and guidelines towards completing certain tasks, and this should be followed in the same order, to avoid unnecessary risk.

Accept the risk - Finally, there is an understanding which should be reached by all sports organizations, which is of the inherent risk. Such organizations should understand that the very nature of their operations involves risk, and they should be extra careful towards accomplishment of tasks.


One of the most important functions in the whole risk management portal is that of the maintenance of risk management portal and it should be understood that management of risk is a never ending and ongoing procedure and should be regularly followed and implemented. There is a chart of affairs which is regularly followed and implemented, and is also updated at regular intervals in order to overcome risk factors. This also works as a risk communication portal for all the employees and highlights the risk functions which are involved in operations and how these developments can be avoided. These processes, actions and functions are shortlisted after a detailed brainstorming session and are implemented through guidelines, and is communicated accordingly. Organizations who have implemented a detailed follow up function in the risk management function have benefitted a lot and have regular and well maintained function (Corbett & Bell, 2010).


Sports have long been considered as a male dominated field and in past, there have been many instances, where participation of women in a particular sport has raised several eyebrows, and has initiated debates. There have been many discussions in this regard and self-righteous groups have tried to promote this stereotype to a much extent. However, modern day does not support such indulgences and women have long been an integral part of almost every sport and excursion. Sports organizations now have an added responsibility to fulfill, which is to shun such a discriminatory stereotype…

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