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Social control is the cornerstone of both 1984 and Animal Farm. However, the methods of persuasion and propaganda used in these two Orwell novels differ from one another. Animal Farm exemplifies overt forms of persuasion, intimidation, and violence. A revolutionary government is created; to maintain its power, the government becomes tyrannical and overbearing. It must therefore use methods of persuasion and treachery in order to retain its control over the animals. In 1984, methods of persuasion and social control are more covert in nature. Thought crime and the thought police comprise subversive methods of undermining individuality and creating a dystopic reality. Therefore, the primary difference between the methods of persuasion and social control in Animal Farm and 1984 is that the former utilizes straightforward, almost traditional methods of oppression; whereas 1984 takes propaganda and persuasion to a whole new, sinister level.

Animal Farm represents a typical coup d'etat: the animals revolt against their farmhand oppressors. Like many coups, the animals' proves ineffective and incomplete. Without a well-considered plan of good governance or cohesive political philosophy, the animals fail. Their government is unstable, and leaders quickly become corrupt because they are weighted down by their own power. The revolution starts benevolently; allowing the reader to sympathize fully with the animals' quest for freedom: "No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness and leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth," (Orwell, 1945, p. 5). Yet the animals' new government rapidly decays. Napoleon in particular becomes a tyrant, changing the original Seven Commandments in order to suit his selfish needs. He comes to therefore seduces the animal public into supporting the revolution, but then seizes power. The methods…

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