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Former president, John F. Kennedy, one said 'ask not what society can do for you, but what you can do for society with the little you have'. Well, XXX is definitely not the only eleven-year-old looking to be considered for a place in your school, in fact there may be dozens of other applicants who are more academically sound, more brilliant, or even more outstanding performers -- but what sets XXX apart from them all is his determination to make things happen with whatever resources are available, and how he gains so much fulfillment from making an impact in other people's lives. He currently plays soccer in a private club team in striker position and it amazes me how he always dedicates his goals and trophies to his team members, and how he strongly believes that although he did most of the scoring, it was all possible because the rest of the team believed in him, and because everyone played their role to the best of their ability, without the expectation that someone else would do the hard work for them.

His love for the game has nurtured in him the concepts of sharing, cooperation and fairness. I was surprised when he offered his lunch to a homeless man on the streets recently as I walked him to the club for a match last week. However, what astounded me more is the reply he gave when I enquired why he had done this: "mum, in football we share; besides, I may not feel hungry till the match is over, and I am certain that by then, you'll have gotten me something to eat." His passion...


I want my son to be more confident in diverse groups, and able to express himself in ways other than sport and academics. I chose XXX School because it's more of a miniature 'real world', and includes the culture, language, and customs of different people. The world is moving towards multiculturalism, and I want my son to remain relevant. I want him to be able to execute his passion and enthusiasm for equality in a more diverse society. To do so, he will have to interact with people of different cultures. This is exactly why the multicultural environment at your school appeals to me. Moreover, I reckon that this appreciation for multicultural diversity will also go a long way in facilitating his budding interest in karate as an alternative sport, and for which, by-the-way, he currently holds a brown belt.

Academically, and as you will see from his upcoming report, XXX is doing pretty good. Math and science are his fortes, but what amazes even…

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