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Define the physical properties of the evidence collected The physical properties of the impression and pattern evidence include fingerprints (National Institute of Justice, 2016). Fingerprints can be attained from multiple places within a burglarized location. It is perhaps best to obtain them in close proximity to where items were stolen. These properties are mostly defined optically, since they can be seen. The physical properties of the trace evidence include fiber from some sort of clothing. This evidence can be gathered from places at the crime scene where the criminal spent the most time. It includes characteristics such as color and texture. The physical properties of the forensic biology evidence pertain to hair. These include characteristics such as DNA, in addition to the color and texture of hair found.

Explain what information can be found from this evidence

A fair amount of information can be found from the evidence gathered. The DNA evidence gathered from the hair found can identify at least one of the persons who was present at the crime. It can also identify someone who a person at the crime was with prior to committing it (National Institute of Justice, 2016)—which narrows down the suspects....


The textile evidence of the fiber from the clothing offers the same benefits. It either is indicative of the clothing worn by someone present at the crime scene, or that of another who the person at the crime scene was around before entering the crime scene. Fingerprints are perhaps the most useful form of forensic evidence because they are unique to people. The fingerprints gathered there will determine who exactly was at the crime scene.
Hypothesize how the evidence could be used in the investigation

There are many ways this evidence could inform the criminal investigation subsequent to this particular crime. The fingerprints could help to denote who exactly was involved in it. For instance, fingerprints could help prove that there was a separate driver of the vehicle than the person who burglarized it, depending on which prints were found in the car and in the home. This type of evidence is useful in determining the scope of the criminal activity involved, suggesting whether or not there were accomplices used in this crime. The textile evidence of the clothing found in the crime is similarly beneficial. This evidence could give investigators a lead on the physical appearance (in terms of clothing) of at…

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