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Now, the last one involves the balancing competitiveness with internal alignment through the use of ranges, flat rates, and/or bands. This is very important because a company would want to know who they are competing against and what they have to offer that will be able to go against them in the marketplace. Other things mentioned in this chapter, involve chapter talks about market pay survey (Salvador & Garcia-Menendez, 2001). There are three matters to look at before using pay surveys. One of those things is figuring out which employers will need to be included in the survey because clearly, everyone does not need to be involved. The second thing is to find out which jobs are will need to be included in the survey because obviously the proper ones need to be selected. It is not really necessary to use all of them. If multiple surveys are used, how are all the rates of pay weighted and combined? A lot of the times weights are really essential in the analysis of any survey. The reasons that weighting is obligatory comprise (1) differential probabilities of selection, (2) differential propensities to respond, and (3) sampling frame coverage problems among various groups in the population (Buescher, 2000).

Week 7

Mon. 3/18 to Sun. 3/24

Pay-for-Performance and Pay-for-Performance Plans

Milkovich Newman & Gerhart Chapters 9 and 10

Week 7 Conference

This chapter taught a lot of various interesting things when it came to theory. As said by Maslow, those that are workers are the ones that have five levels of needs safety, physiological, self- actualizing, social, and ego (Salvador & Garcia-Menendez, 2001). Maslow made the argument that the employees that are situated in the lower level, needs had to be fulfilled before allowing the ones that are in the next higher level because they would need to make sure that their employees are motivated. Herzberg's work classified motivation into two aspects: hygiene's and motivators and Motivator or intrinsic factors, for instance accomplishment and acknowledgment, create job gratification. Cleanliness or extrinsic issues, for instance job security and pay, create job disappointment (Buescher, 2000).

Motivated employees are needed in our rapidly changing workplaces. Motivated employees help organizations to be more productive. Motivated employees are more productive. To be operational, managers will want to understand what keeps their employees motivated within the background of the roles that they achieve on the job. In the association where I am presently employed, workers are expected to have a lot of sales. Managers are playing big part by motivating you with the intention of sale more of the product. Furthermore, another motivation would be to have great incentives. If they make great sales than maybe they could receive a bump in their pay or maybe they could get something like a company car.

Week 8

Mon. 3/25 to Sun. 3/31

Performance Appraisals

Milkovich Newman & Gerhart Chapter 11 and Article

Having the performance appraisal is important for any company because it gives and evaluation of the performance of employees which helps the managers to be able to understand the abilities of a person for further development and growth. Performance appraisal is mostly completed in organized ways which the supervisors measure behind work routines of workers. Sometimes companies may go through experiencing rating mistakes that misinform or blind in the assessment procedure.

At my place of employment, there are many common mistakes which are recognized as the leniency fault. This mistake is every so often made in an attempt to evade struggle. Performance assessments are an uncomfortable situation for both managers and workers. At my job, a lot of the supervisors are not really that comfortable when it comes to giving feedback that is negative and of course workers do not like having to get negative feedback. Some managers really try to avoid these instances by not giving them any type of rating at all. This can be a good and bad thing. Sometimes when they are not rated, they tend to keep making the same mistakes over and over. On the other hand, it can build a trustful relationship among employee and manager. My managers tend to go in that route by mot giving them ratings. If they do rate them, it is far and in between. However, there are some on my workplace that do use the method. Even though performance appraisal meetings persuade anxiety on both the boss and the worker, giving a worker high ratings when they are not justified does not aid employees expand their presentation. A worker that manages to get really high scores is really going to change their behavior for the reason that areas of development are not spoken about.

Week 9 Conference

Mon. 4/1 to Sun. 4/7

Employee Benefits

Milkovich Newman & Gerhart Chapter 12 and 13

The advantages and the disadvantages are important in this chapter. The advantages are like Recruitment and retention which are among the most prominent reasons why companies are investing in employee benefit plans. By doing this, it is one way in which these businesses are able to attract some new kind talent that is away from competitors and keep existing staff with proven value and skills. This is a key negotiating chip, as benefits like medical insurance and a financial investment account are significant to the well-being of employees. Human Resources Executive Online touts the benefits of offering employees health benefits in particular. They have admission to insurance, which permits them to go to the doctor for routine check-ups, and when they are not feeling their best, they are made sure that they get well with proper care more quickly than their uninsured equivalents. This in turn increases productivity for the business.

When it comes to the disadvantages, when it comes to the disadvantages, significant costs are by far the most distressing disadvantage for industries that offer worker benefit plans. As stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private corporations pay out $9.21 an hour per worker with benefits, which is 30% of the price of employee compensation. State and local government entities pay out something like $14.19 per hour per employee with benefits, which is 34.8% of the cost of employee compensation, as of 2011.

Employee benefit plans of all types are fairly complex, particularly when there are numerous elements to the package. For example, any time a company changes medical, vision or dental plans, the process is generally accompanied by significant portions of paperwork to facilitate the changes. A company may also have additional financial considerations, including the fees a new administrator may charge for signing up and overseeing the company account (Rusaw, 2009). Business owners must inquire about the methods used to invest employees' money to ensure a positive return for staff. Changes in administrator, type of coverage or cost may be necessary; however, they can be a headache to the staff and may be one of the greatest disadvantages in running the company's employee benefit plan.

The conference made on to make the point employee benefits is one of the hottest topics that are being talked about today because everyone wants good benefits. Everyone knows better than that the landscape is changing, and being able to stay on top of it is harder than ever. You are continually looking for new contributions and also different methods to control their costs and stay economical in a market that is tight (Pudney & Shields, 2000). Managing employee benefits is stressful at best. In expanding this information, it is important to add that Employee benefits basically do add to employer costs Rusaw, C. (2009). On the other hand, some individuals are wondering why a place of employment should provide them with some very good healthcare. As mentioned earlier, it is important to look into what is important and what is not.


Having a benefits package, especially one that gives health insurance that his good and that help to attract and keep quality jobs.

Businesses get the tax advantage of subtracting plan aids.

Employees frequently will receive better assistances in lieu of a higher salary, which can be a savings to the commerce.

Proposing benefits to employees likewise can be beneficial to a business owner, who can be able to get personal assistances for less money than if he or she bought them confidentially.

Proposing health insurance has been revealed to cut absenteeism and increase employee morale and health.


Offering benefits costs more for small jobs than for large ones, both in terms of process that are higher for the reason that of lesser buying power, and because of moderately higher costs of management.

Small businesses have less selection in planning a retirement plan for the reason that of managerial charges.

The more aids corporate deals, the more it must pay for managerial overhead.

The rate of health insurance has gradually increased, making it less and less reasonable to companies and making economic development hard from year to year.

Offering benefits makes concerns concerning legal compliance, which in turn causes…

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