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personal definition concept civility. Next definitions compare/contrast definition civility. Is civility acts courtesy? If, ? 2. Consider civility related concept rudeness? 3.

Civility is an act of being polite and having respect for others. It also entails having regard for others and being courteous. Civility entails being ready to listen to what others have to say or suggest, being ready learn from others and to teach fellow colleagues what you know. It also involves a change of behavior in order to become a better person. It can be defined as an intelligent relationship between equals who are involved in a common practice governed by a system of rules. Civility is more than acts of courtesy. It is the state in which the duties and relations of a citizen are recognized and obey.

Rudeness is an act of disrespect. It violates social convection and willingness to cause pain to other people. Convection refers to the manner in which someone should behave. Examples of social convection one not talking when a speaker or teacher is speaking, one always knock before entering someone's office, and not walking out on someone talking to you. Behaviors done contrary to this are considered to be rude. Lack of civility, that is, failure to demonstrate concern and regard for others is a major problem to many families and organizations.

Incivility in the work places has been a major problem to many organizations. Employees in higher ranks may speak to those in lower ranks in harsh tones and commanding them to do certain jobs, instead of just asking them politely. They may also ignore the subordinate staffs call or e-mail. Some employees show rudeness by browsing and writing text messages using their phones during meetings. The disrespected employees end up feeling irritated and very angry. The employees loose the morale to work leading poor productivity in the companies and they end up making huge losses. The rude employees also end up losing their jobs due to bad behavior. The working relationships between employees are affected and the lack of unity leads to poor productivity. Some employees may fall into depression because of being oppressed and this affects their well-being.

Civility codes are guidelines in the way people should treat each other. They are meant to provide a positive atmosphere in which students, faculty, and staff should behave around each other. Civility codes include respect and cooperation. Students, lecturers and other staff members should always treat each other with respect. Treating each…

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