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Personal Improvement Objectives

The world is indeed going through a transformation from a planet with many continents and many nations to a globally connected, much smaller planet where people and states are linked digitally. And so diseases and health problems in India relate in a real way to diseases and health issues in Alabama, and California, and New York and Michigan, in the U.S.

Because of the "smaller planet" reality, once I obtain my advanced degree and become pragmatically committed to a strong work ethic -- using the skills I have learned and fine-tuned -- I plan to offer leadership by supporting nursing practices and policies than can enhance the delivery of healthcare on global level 1. Next, through experience in my practice, and education, I will further develop knowledge, competencies, and the skills necessary to serve the population in which I am working.

Becoming politically active at the local level -- supporting issues that strengthen the delivery of healthcare services -- is a goal of mine. In essence I will be thinking globally by working and innovating locally. Moreover, as a role model for young men and women looking at the possibility of entering the nursing profession, I can make a difference; the ripples I create by making a positive impression and lending a hand to remarkably talented and idealistic young students in the field will in turn create other ripples of positive energy for talented young men and women to follow in my footsteps and in the footsteps of people I have energized.

As to my own personal improvement strategy, ongoing education will be a substantial part of my future as my passion for learning will lead me to the level of PhD in nursing administration. As part of my learning process, I wish to help in the financial side of healthcare by working towards a strategy that will both streamline care management and reduce costs for patients. Part of my goal for personal improvement is designed to dovetail into improvements in the delivery of healthcare services for all -- helping the system to work better and to produce better nursing coming out of training. Students in nursing schools should have more time doing clinical research than they do presently. The curriculum presented by schools should focus more…

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