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And there were many cases like this.

As I said, this class was much more than just about writing. It was full of discoveries for me. The issues I learned about problems our planet is facing today were the things I had no idea about before taking this class. I knew about things like the importance of recycling, planting trees, and some vague ideas about the problem of global warming. But this class helped me learn about the deleterious effects of unchecked Capitalism -- and the modern industrialization, in general -- on the planet earth. I also learned about how systemic human effects on the nature has become as our actions that harm the environment are now a part of our culture. On an individual level, I began to reflect upon my daily activities in terms of eating, consuming, wasting, recycling, and raising awareness about these issues in my conversations with friends and relatives.

I should note that I was glad to find out that there also people who have been working on sustainability issues. There are responsible human beings who educate us about the environmental problems we face today and about the things we can do to lessen the damage we have been doing to our planet. Therefore, after writing about the problem in the modern food processing and consumerism, I decided to incorporate these ideas into my own business major. I learned about green business models and presented some of my findings in my paper that I submitted to you. Had I not taken this class, I probably would not have encountered anything about green business yet.

I cannot stress strongly enough how much I learned from your class but I also want to remain humble. There is so much more I need to learn. I can certainly state, however, that I will forever be grateful to you for having me in your class.


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