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Personal, Local or National Issue

It's unbelievable!" Janice said to my mom. "My partner needs surgery; she can't afford to wait or her condition will worsen. Yet the company I have worked for almost twenty years won't include her in my medical plan because we're both female. It's ridiculous!"

My mom shook her head with disbelief and sympathy. "I know. As soon as it seems like this culture is progressing and becoming more enlightened, we see every day on the news people who oppose the most basic of human rights. We are supposed to be a country promoting 'liberty and justice for all!" chewed my food in silence, listening to every word of this conversation. The issue of same-sex marriages has been in the news a lot lately, especially since the state of Massachusetts recently became the first place where gay couples could legally wed. In other places, homosexual partners could only perform symbolic ceremonies of union. The difference with proffering legal status on these unions rests with what Janice was talking to my mom about. When a marriage is recognized by law, partners receive all the coincident legal benefits, including being included on the spouse's medical plan. Taxes, immigration laws, and other institutions are also affected by marriage. Marriage is therefore more than just a romantic ceremony; it is also a legal contract with legal implications.

I don't believe that all persons who oppose same-sex marriages are hate-filled or even ignorant. They simply cling to the belief that marriage is defined by a heterosexual union and that the state should support that definition. Most of these beliefs are founded on religious tenets, for in many world religions, homosexuality is taboo, viewed as a sin. Those beliefs are fine for those who hold them but legislation should never be influenced by religious beliefs. Legislation is rooted, however, in ethics and morality. I would challenge anyone to prove that homosexual marriage poses a moral problem.

Infusing religion into the law is dangerous in a secular society such as ours. A narrow definition of marriage as only union between man and woman should be confined to the church; these are opinions…

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