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Marketing Plan

This report is a summary of my self-marketing objectives that I will use to obtain a position within the next year as an Administrative Manager in the UMDNJ University Hospital system. By utilizing tools such as my creating a marketing plan, an industry analysis and a self SWOT analysis plus other self-evaluation methodologies, I feel it is a very good chance that I will prepare myself to meet my short-term objective of obtaining a management position. I may need more hands on experience but my new found understanding of both management and the healthcare industry will make mea a good fit for the organization and them a good fit for me. As demonstrated throughout the class, however, a product that is not properly marketed will never sell. My objective is to apply the marketing theories that I have learned to my own job search. There are many ways to creatively and affordably promote myself. By putting myself in the position of a new business or new product, I will utilize the most advantageous features of a marketing approach to promote the best product on the planet -- me.

Goals Summary

My short-term goal in life is to first complete school and then to acquire a position of an Administrative Manager in the UMDNJ University Hospital system. The United States healthcare system includes many entities like health plans, physicians, hospitals, clinics, consumers, and public health programs. I love working with these professional individuals in this industry. The industry is an ideal one for me to work in so that will make me more than capable of meeting any physical or social demands for the job. The healthcare industry as a work environment also presents the daily challenges I can apply my acquired managerial skills to. Having a job that pushes me to excel will make it a pleasure to go to work each day. I think this is a very obtainable short-term goal.

Situation Analysis Position

The position of an Administrative Manager in the UMDNJ University Hospital system entails three specific areas that I should pay close attention to. The first is the hospital as an employer and the overall work environment the facilities offer like the office, the commute and the safety factor. The second is the job from a human resource perspective which includes benefits, pay and scheduling. The third aspect is the managerial requirements of the job.

The hospital is a first class facility that is well renowned in our area. The system is considered one of New Jersey's premier academic medical centers. The hospital system offers a full range of the high quality healthcare. From my conversations with current employees, the hospital is a great place to work and the added advantage of hospital coverage for employees lets me know that I would greatly appreciate working there and the facility would appreciate my dedicated work ethic.

The facilities are close to my home and in case of either car troubles or inclement weather I have a back the very reliable NJ Transit system already servicing the location to and from my home. As far as safety, nothing is guaranteed but at least the job entails only daylight working hours and that in and of itself will reduce the majority of any risk factors.

The human resource aspects are all in favor of my working in the UMDNJ University Hospital system. The pay would almost double my existing salary and the medical benefits would be much better than what I have today. In summary, the facility, work environment and benefits all are conducive to me perusing the job

As a manager I may need to gain more hands on experience but I have a history in the industry having done medical billing and other administrative services such as customer care. My educational background will be an advantage so I will need to continue to expand my managerial courses and experiences.


The current healthcare nursing shortages have been concerns for the healthcare industry. Studies show that staff turnover and replacement recruiting are big problems. With so many recruitment and retention concerns the healthcare industry management has been making a concerted effort to do everything in their power to maintain existing employee's morale and motivation.

I am sure that for nurses and specialized technicians there may be more that can be done…

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