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My personal teaching philosophy for the adolescent setting is largely founded on the results of multiple studies assessing the various changes that students at this development stage experience. This is more so the case with regard to the neurological reorganization of the brains of those at this stage which, as Derrick points out, have been largely mapped using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (32). It is by way of understanding these behaviors that “educators can look at behavioral management interventions as opportunities to facilitate brain development as opposed to emotional confrontation” (Derrick 32).

The behavioral management interventions I would adopt are mindful of diversity and supportive of those at this stage of development affected by gender role changes. Towards this end, the need to have in place concise and clear equality-promoting rules in place cannot be overstated. The said rules ought to address standards of engagement and interaction amongst students so as to promote mutual respect. For instance, students ought to be made to understand that any reference to gender-based stereotypes is not permissible. There is need to actively involve the entire class in the rules and standards formulation so as to make them ‘own’ the same. Phrases such as ‘stop being girly’, ‘don’t cry, be a man,’ etc. should be discouraged by way of explaining their connotations, as opposed to just offering blanket admonishment.

I would also deliberately ensure that my instructional and classroom management strategies and approaches pay equal attention to both genders, while at the same time being more objective in my engagements with students. This effectively means that in addition to giving gender-neutral suggestions and responses in the course of instruction, I would strive to ensure that the perspective of students is expanded beyond common gender stereotypes. A good example of this suggestion in action would be by way of offering examples that stimulate the expectations of students, i.e. examples with a male secretary, female real estate developer, etc. I would also ensure that students are grouped intentionally so as to avoid scenarios or instances where learners segregate intentionally on the basis of gender when forming groups or in selecting seating arrangements.


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