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Supply Chain Integration can have a direct impact on the financial status of a business (Afshan, 2013). Therefore, in order to better regulate and ensure a profit in business, it is essential to understand the complex nature of supply chain integration and how various relational aspects of the supplier-customer-company chain can be altered or attenuated to more positively impact the business's profitability. Thus this topic is an important research subject because it can enhance the future of business practices around the world.


The research topic of this study is to identify the factors that influence supply chain effectiveness and enhance business profitability. This topic relevant especially today as the world teeters on the brink of a global recession. Supply chain integration and effectiveness is one aspect of a business dynamic that can, if properly understood and adjusted, save businesses from financial loss (Afshan, 2013; Amue, Ozuru, 2014; Kutner, 2009).

My working thesis is that gaps exist in the literature on Supply Chain Integration (SCI)...


The expected results of this research are that a more in-depth and comprehensive SCI framework can be recommended for businesses desiring to capitalize on a new integrative formula for their supply chain management. A meta-analysis has been shown to be helpful in providing businesses with a construct that facilitates positive re-organization (Leuscher, Rogers, 2013). This study aims to provide a micro-view of the particulars that may be overlooked in the subtle exchange between interrelations among the various parts.

Plans, Methods and Procedures

This topic will be researched utilizing a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessment. A literature review will be conducted in order to build up a comprehensive understanding the current state of academic analysis regarding SCI. Based on these findings and the gaps noted in them, a phenomenological analysis will be conducted that will incorporate both surveys and interviews. Surveys will be sent to a randomized sample of businesses that utilize SCI and follow-up interviews will be conducted in order to qualify the survey results. Interviews will allow for a more in-depth response to open-ended questions.

My note taking method will be computer-based and include recording information via direct quotation, paraphrase and summary with a concluding personal thought for each resource used and examined. This will provide a robust record of…

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An empirical investigation of the Nigeria oil and gas industry. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 6, 129-133.

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