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In addition, I've heard a great deal of expressed frustration by the citizens of this country in regards to their rights, and the impact on their rights by the Patriot Act and regulations put in place by the Department of Homeland Security. Do these people not understand that their rights are nonexistent because of the authority of the state? Like a child and her parents, the state will do what it thinks is necessary for its people, and the people must obey."

Pretend for a moment," Augustine posed, "that the question at hand is not the sovereignty of the state, but the moral justice of the war. Do you agree that the decision to go to war was moral?" do not concern myself so much with morality," Hobbes countered, "as I do with the reason why these wars must continue to occur. Obviously, none is in favor of the death of many. These wars could end if only governments would exert the strong authority that is their right. My experience with the English Civil War convinced me that it
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is the instability of government that results in these conflicts and lost lives. This is occurring in Iraq as we speak. We should not be speaking of the United States government, but if the Iraqi government. I would argue that even the state under the dictator is favorable to the condition in the region now." agree with your argument in principal," Socrates began, "but not in the case as it presents itself. While democracy is not the best form of government, neither is a government under oppression and military coups. Government should be run by a select group of wise men, like us. We must be concerned with the people and their lives and souls. It is a rule of the elite which is best and an eradication or war because of the kindness, authority, and wisdom of these men."

At that point, a diplomat posed a new question to the group, which was readily taken up by all seven in lively discussion. The views of the three great philosophers are interesting to consider, according to this reporter, but whether they, who cannot agree, would be the best body of rulers is questionable.

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