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Body Systems Involved in Eating a Snack

The first thing I do when eating a snack is to prepare it. In this case, I reach into the cabinet above me and grab a bag of potato chips. I read the label and make sure they are plain chips, because I do not like flavored chips. When I am satisfied they are the type of chip I like, I break open the seal of the bag. I immediately smell the chips when I open the seal. The smell is familiar: oily, salty, and potato-ey. Still standing, I reach one hand into the bag of chips. My fingers feel all the salt granules and the distinct shape of the thinly sliced crisps. The edges of the crisps are rough but not sharp. I put one chip into my mouth and begin to chew. The initial flavors are salty, and then that gives way to sweet starchy tastes. After I finish the first chip, I automatically reach into the bag for another. After just two chips, my hands feel oily and have salt grains on them. Each time I finish chewing a chip, I place another one into my mouth without thinking about it. Suddenly I reach the end of the bag. There are no more whole chips. My fingers probe for broken chips and crumbs, which I move to my mouth. I lick my lips and throw away the bag before leaving the kitchen.

There are several body systems involved in this scenario. First, my musculoskeletal system is engaged as I reach for the bag of chips. The mechanisms involved in opening the bag, and in putting hand to mouth are also dependent on muscles and bones. However, my brain is also involved. I actively told my body to reach for the chips, but that was because I had a hunger signal in my brain. This shows that my autonomic nervous system was also engaged. My autonomic system takes over, as my musculoskeletal system knows exactly what to do in terms of contracting muscles, which…

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