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Business Research Terms and Concepts


Understanding Research Terms and Concepts

Quantitative Research Methods and Instruments

Quantitative research tests hypotheses from theories or approximates the magnitude of a particular phenomenon (Eau Claire, 2014). Participants or volunteers are assigned at random to different aspects or derive data from them to control their influence on a dependent variable. Probability sampling may be used if the intent is to generalize (Eau Claire).

Quantitative data collection methods utilize and depend on random sampling and structured data collection instruments (Euau Claire, 2014). These methods and their instruments are suited to different anticipated types of responses. Their findings are easy to determine, summarize, analyze, compare and generalize. The most typical methods are experiments or clinical trials, observation and recording of a specific event, securing data from an entity's management information systems, and surveys with closed-ended questions. Surveys are conducted through interviews or questionnaires as instruments (Eau Claire).

Interviews may be face-to-face, by telephone or by computer-assisted personal interviewing (Eau Claire, 2014). Face-to-face interviews enable the researcher to personally connect with the participants and thus yield the highest level of response. Researchers are also able to clarify uncertain matters or follow up on some question or detail. These interviews are, however, impractical when the population sample is too large. Telephone interviews are faster and more inexpensive. They also provide quick and easy access to participants with telephones. They provide more reliable responses than those derived from mailed interview questions. But these responses are not dependable in that they exclude random participants without telephones who are necessary to the research. And computer-assisted personal interviews are conducted by entering responses directly into a laptop or hand-held computer's sample size. Web-based questionnaires are conducted through emails, which bring the respondents to a website where they are asked to fill in the questionnaire. Like the telephone survey, however, the results are not representative of the sample as the responses of those without computers are excluded (Eau Claire).

Two Articles

The article, entitled "Starbucks, Bank One, and Visa Launch Starbucks Duetto," discusses the use of the descriptive statistical method in managing the business problem of Starbucks (Schindler, 2006). The article presents a concrete concept, planning and mechanics, a clear timetable, accomplishments and projections. Results of quantitative studies lend support to the statement of accomplishments and projections (Schinder).

On the other hand, the article entitled, "Mastering Teacher Leadership," uses the inferential statistical method (Schindler & Cooper, 2001). It uses a multi-stage communication study on teachers at the Wittenberg University Department of Education in determining the viability of a certain course for a certain sample population. This course is the Master of Education program and the sample population consists of Ohio-certified teachers within the school districts in the county (Schindler & Cooper).

Comparison and Contrast

Descriptive Statistical Method

This method brings out particular data features through the mean and standard deviations with exact figures or measurements (Laerd, 2013; Brown, 2010). It analyzes the data in order to describe, demonstrate or summarize them in establishing patterns. It is limited to the description of the data. The importance of…

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