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This includes previously mentioned measures such as increased governmental spending, directing funds towards education and health sectors etc.

Referring to Liberalism, we should first of all point out that liberalism does not necessarily limit its perceptions only to economic equality, as is the case with Socialism, but it extends its beliefs to the sector of civil and individual equality. This means that liberalism has always found itself as a promoter of human rights, as a sustainer of political freedom and the right to self - determination.

Going forth from these social and political perceptions, the social equality that liberalism promotes naturally leads to a policy of tolerance at a societal level. Liberal governances are generally know to be tolerant in terms of rights for social or religious minorities.

On the other hand,...


Such a perception of equality encourages welfare liberalist governments to promote increased governmental spending that can help equalize the income distribution differences among the members of a society.

As we can see, Liberalism can be perceived as a more tolerant and less politically radical stance than Socialism, with more policies that are generally directed towards reducing income discrepancies.

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