Polygraph Reliability and Validity the Validity and Essay

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Polygraph Reliability and Validity

The validity and reliability of polygraph testing has been a subject of debate since such testing was first implemented almost a century ago (OTA, 1983, par. 1). Abundant research has been done on modern polygraph machines and techniques that has served to validate their use and their accuracy, however controversy still remains in the minds of many (Gougler et al., 2011, 196-201). One way to go about determining the reliability and validity of a polygraph machine would, of course, be to look at the research that has been conducted on the machine previously if available, as it truly takes years and abundant study to ensure these features to a degree worthy of scientific scrutiny (Gougler et al., 2011; 197). Assuming such research is unavailable or is untrustworthy, however, there are other more direct methods that can be employed to effectively determine how valid and reliable a polygraph is.

Validity is a measure of how well the polygraph measures what it is supposed to measure, and reliability is a measure of how consistent the polygraph is. To determine both validity…

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