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Given the economic conditions of the U.S., the most important component of transportation is institutions. The U.S. government is currently acting to stimulate the economy through government action. If the port and transportation system is to be successful, it will need full government and institutional backing. This would help to not only modernize ports and the port technology, but also bring the ports up to the current and future standards of sustainability necessary to compete with other national and international ports as they continue to evolve and develop.

While there may be some disagreement over this concept, the idea that the U.S. Government needs to support its country's ports and transportation infrastructure makes sense. The U.S.'s ports and transportation make up much of the country's economy. If these bodies are not fully supported, imports and exports will suffer (Panayides, 2002). Even if the U.S. economy made a full and instantaneous recovery, it would not be able to fully benefit from renewed trade with other nations unless its ports and transportation systems were placed as high priorities for the U.S. government.

The scope and scale of government intervention necessary to in some cases completely resuscitate transportation demand in infrastructure complexity is debatable. However, the U.S. government and its related institutions should have no doubt that the health of its economy is directly related to the health of the nation's ports and transportation system (Panayides, 2002). This type…

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