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As most users, are averaging about three hours a day conducting a wide variety activities. It is at this point that hackers can be able to penetrate these vulnerabilities to use them as a backdoor inside a company's database. Once this occurs, is when there is the possibility that the situation will become worse as more criminals will utilize this as an easy way to overcome the challenges of going directly after a firm's initial blocks. This is important, because it is showing how there are increased vulnerabilities that these phones have due to the lack of effective security. (Coleman, 2011)

To make matters worse, many firms have begun using cloud computing as way to store large amounts of information. This is when they have significant pieces data on an organization's mainframe. The reason why, is because these kinds of computers have become more powerful and cheaper. This is allowing a variety of firms to be able to reduce costs and increase the total amounts of storage that they have available. The problem is that this kind of security procedure is giving hackers the ability to overcome traditional defenses. Part of the reason for this, is because a number of security experts have been advising their clients about how their current strategy can deal with any kind of threats they are facing. Once this occurs, is when it can lull most IT personnel into a sense of complacency about the overall nature of the threats. This is the point that odds increase that hackers will be able to break into mainframe computers that are storing large amounts of information. (Kark, 2011) (Tanzy, 2011)

A good example of this can be seen with the recent announcement that the security firm Stratfor (as they were the victim of this kind of attack.) What happened was a group of hackers identifying themselves as Anonymous had broken into the firm's mainframe and they were able to gain access to thousands of credit cards along with other pieces of personal information. Some of Stratfor largest clients include: the U.S. Air Force, Apple, and the Miami Police Department just to name few. Instead of using this information for illicit purposes, the hackers were politically motivated by calling for the release of Specialist Bradley Manning. He is accused of giving the web site Wiki Leaks tens of thousands of classified U.S. government cables. What the group has been doing is making donations to charity with the stolen information that was obtained. This is problematic, because it is showing the increasing vulnerability that a number of organizations are facing. The reason why, is because most firms are relying on IT security experts and consultants to reduce their risks. During this process is when they will have them store large amounts of data on their mainframe through cloud computing. However, the fact hackers are able to gain access by directly going after portable mobile devices is an indication that they can use this as a way to circumvent various security procedures. Once this takes place, is when they can be able to gain access to large amounts of information undetected. This is significant, because it is showing how there are increasing vulnerabilities that most firms are facing. ("Anonymous Hackers Target U.S. Security Think Tank," 2011)

As a result, IT security personnel must be able to understand the overall nature of the threat and how to effectively counteract what is happening. Otherwise the odds increase that there will be more of these kinds of incidents taking place. This is when there is the possibility that large amounts of information stored on various databases could increase the overall vulnerabilities of an organization to hackers. Once this takes place is when the odds improve, that there will be larger amounts of security breaches that are being reported. This is the point that it will be difficult to protect and store sensitive information that are vital to the success of an organization in achieving its objectives. Therefore, it is essential for IT personnel to create a strategy that will take the changing nature of the threat into account and how it should be effectively counterbalanced.

Specific Tools that can be used to enhance a Firm's ability to protect themselves

To deal with any kind of possible threats to the database in the future all organizations must be able to use a number of different tools in achieving these objectives. The best way that this can be accomplished is through having an approach that will specifically address the overall nature of the threat. This means that all organizations must implement an approach that is based upon flexibility and utilizing techniques that will deal with these challenges on the various mobile devices. To do this there must be an all-encompassing strategy that will concentrate on a number of specific tactics. The most notable include: storing information is absolutely necessary, protecting database that is accessed over public networks, configuring devices to block external spying, encrypting sensitive information, utilizing mandatory access control, conducting audits and backing up critical data. These elements are important, because the combination of them can allow an organization to adapt with the various threats that they are facing. Once this occurs, is when they will reduce the chances of allowing hackers to use this as a backdoor to receive key pieces of information. (Olzak, 2008)

Storing what is Necessary

This is when a firm is limiting the total amounts of data that is stored on smart phones and tablets. What has been happening is the lack of control of this information has allowed employees to download critical pieces of data that are sensitive such as: spreadsheets, customer files and various pieces of financial information. When a hacker is able to gain access to these devices they will automatically be able to retrieve files that are considered to be classified in nature. Moreover, this information could provide them with the ability to easily access larger amounts of an organization's files. This is because the data that is stored on these devices will often have user names and passwords for entering their database. Criminals can use this as way to make themselves appear to be the employee accessing these files. Once this occurs, is when IT personnel will not be able to identify any kind of unusual activity. This is the point that hackers can anonymously be able to retrieved large amounts of information despite the various external security blocks that are in place. (Olzak, 2008)

Protecting Data that is accessed from Public Networks

One of the most common methods that hackers are using to gain access to various devices is through public networks. This is because various WIFI connections do not have the same kind of security protocol as large organizations. At the same time, any kind of encrypted data that is received will not be secured. The reason why, is because most of these sites do not have any kind of SSL certificates or firewalls in place. This is problematic, because it can allow criminals to have access to information without the other party knowing what is happening. Once this takes place, is when the odds increase that there will be a number of challenges associated with maintaining control of various pieces of data. This is when hackers can use this to gain access to wide variety of areas inside the organization's database. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that all firms require anyone who is accessing their database to use websites that have an SSL certificate. This will reduce the ability of criminals to monitor what kinds of activities are occurring. (Olzak, 2008)

Configuring Devices to Block External Spying

When we are configuring a device to prevent external spying is the point that a firm will require everyone to establish some kind of firewall. This is because most people will assume that the security provisions from the internal operating system will protect them against possible breaches. However, the problem is that most hackers have figured out how to overcome these defenses. As a result, firms must require employees to install and update a secondary firewall from one of the well-known security providers (i.e. McAfee, AVG or Symantec). This will prevent hackers from being able to access critical prices of data. As these kinds of firewalls are serving as secondary barrier that will make it difficult for them to overcome the security provisions. Once this takes place, it means that criminals will have to try numerous tactics in overcoming these barriers. This is the point that they will move on to other targets with greater vulnerabilities. (Olzak, 2008)

Encrypting Sensitive Information

Another avenue that must be taken is all organizations need to be encrypting sensitive information. This is accomplished by requiring employees to access sites from URL addresses that have SSL certificates. At the same time, the individual must not be allowed to store any kind of end data that they are receiving. If…

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