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Marijuana legalization

The debate around the legalization of marijuana has been around for a number of decades now and from the political podiums to the confines of medical consultation rooms and laboratories, marijuana has raised mixed reception and reactions from those who want it legalized as those who abhor it in equal measure. There are however various reasons why marijuana needs to be legalized in the US.

Logically speaking, a significant 40% have admitted to have used marijuana in one way or the other. This shows that if it has adverse health side effects then it could have already manifested itself as in the case with the hard drugs like cocaine. Indeed, it is said that marijuana has far much less health impact as compared to the already legalized recreational drugs like alcohol and tobacco.

There is a misconception that marijuana is addictive yet there are no backing data to prove the claims hence marijuana remains to be widely demonized and hated by many. Marijuana is known to be helpful in aiding people suffering from insomnia and even in helping cancer patients in relieving their pain hence having better sleep. HIV patients are also known to benefit from the use of marijuana that boosts their appetite, in turn helping them in nutrition and living healthy lives (Head T., 2017).

Against popular belief, marijuana is in no way a gateway drug that will lead the users to escalate to other drugs. Those who use harder drugs are known to first try alcohol and cigarettes before they get into frequent use of the hard drugs. It is hence important to note that marijuana is not only safe to use in its various forms that it may come in, but also therapeutic and cheap in helping in various health related conditions.


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