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For instance, an outcast child has a high possibility of gaining his/her social stand only because he/she is devoted to playing video games (Marino n.p.). In addition, as the evolution of the high-tech devices continues, the involvement of the children in playing video games gives them the high opportunity and assistance necessary in releasing their frustrations and stress in a safer manner and in a controlled environment hence a chance to manage any hostile characters rather than encouraging them. For instance, a child who do not play video games frequently, can significantly benefit from releasing stress by spending approximately 15 to 20 minutes in playing video games (Marino n.p.). Moreover, the change in technology by it self is a good thing for the children generally as there is a continual development of video games that bring new challenging tasks/characters that enhance more thinking and creativity (Robers, "positive effects of video games on children").

Children who engage in playing video games have been known to improve their confidence, in that their participation enhances attention, good opinion of oneself, and limits of children when they gain the gaming experience. Despite there being cases where children become addicted on games to a point of having poor academic performances and isolations, it is established that children who view themselves as non-performers are able to have a sense of belonging when the child has the opportunity to participate in playing video games and in the process, they become entertained within the ordinary life conditions (Vorderer, and Bryant 335). In this regard, video gaming has been brought onboard as a therapy for the children with poor attention and lack of self-esteem (Marino n.p.). For example, children with psychological characters can benefit a lot from computer games as they are efficient, reducing any feelings of worry or concern. On the other hand, considering that there are times when a child cannot find an appropriate company. In this case, video games can create a worthy company to such children such that from the occupation, he/she cannot find time to engage with groups/companies that might otherwise prove bad in influencing bad characters. In addition, video gaming helps to disconnect one from the hustles and bustles of reality and for sometime, cruise in dreamland. This does not only affect the children but also grown up individuals hence bringing a nice feeling that is cool when practiced one a while.

Therefore, it is important for parents to become part of video gaming in helping the children to select the most appropriate games that assist them in one way or the other positively rather than just leaning back and generally assuming video games are immoral. Thus, video gaming will be fun, engaging and stimulate fantasy as it should be. In this regard, educating parents about the importance of video games in children gives them the opportunity that is unconstitutional to help children develop positively with the help of video games.

With regard to the above information, despite a culture that video games are immoral, they assist in positive development in children and teenagers. Video games in their capacity help in improving the thinking capabilities (logic reasoning) as well as proper coordination. In addition, irrespective of a bad notion that involvement in some sort of company when playing video games will develop bad characters, video gaming helps in strengthening the social bonding within the group. Moreover, as good company for the young children, it remains a safer mode of managing frustrations in controlled environments and through success in video gaming, the children can gain confidence in themselves, a crucial factor for survival. Therefore, it is an obligation for parents to understand that they have a duty to play in assisting the children to select video games that best benefits their children considering the specific need of each child rather than sit back and assume that video games are bad, they help in positive development of the children!

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