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Entry Three met some non-Christians today and prayed for them because I believe that all persons can and should know the power of God's love. Praying for the salvation of others is important because it may lead those people to Jesus. If Jesus opens a door and they do not enter, then I still completed the work of God by keeping them in my prayers. Because I know not to judge others, I had to later say the Lord's Prayer and put the fate of all non-Christians in God's hands. I thought about all the times I have judged others for one reason or another. Instead of praying that a person find Jesus and become a Christian, I blessed them in the name of Jesus. In that way, all persons can receive the blessing of God.

Therefore, today I prayed to "judge not, lest ye be judged." I read my Bible and passages from Christian prayer guides. The readings helped me see that I need to pray for others but not judge others. This is a difficult lesson. I realized today in prayer that those who seek shall find, and those who do not seek might never understand the power of God's love. Also, God loves all His creation. As long as a person does not live in sin, he or she is still blessed by God whether or not he or she is a Christian. Non-Christians can live good lives even if they do not profess their faith in Jesus Christ. However, it is hard for me to understand. I also do not know when to pray for others and so I say a prayer for all people I meet that God may find them.

Praying for others to find God is a lesson in humility and faith. I need to learn how it is possible to pray for others without judging others. In addition to praying for others, I can deliver the word of God through my actions and my Christian lifestyle. Instead of judging others I can grow more grateful for having found God. Praying for others has taught me gratitude for the support of the Christian community as well as for the love of God that is manifest every day in my life. I consider myself lucky for being able to pray not just for myself but also for others. I pray for others whether they are Christian or not, and I do not ask for anything specific. Instead I only ask that God find them and that they find God.

A appreciate the diversity we have in this world and in our country and understand that not all people believe in Jesus Christ. However, Jesus's arms are open wide for all of those who seek Him. Those are the people I pray for most, the ones that seek Jesus in earnest. I met a girl last week who was in trouble for her sinful behavior and instead of telling her about Jesus I prayed for her in private. The next day she asked me to lend me a Christian book and I did, believing that my prayer came true. I felt magnificent just being able to offer the girl some support through the words of Jesus and other Christian souls who have felt the power of God in their lives. God is working through me, through my prayers and my willingness to carry the word of God to others. Each time I pray for another person I believe that I am doing God's will.

Entry Four

Today I praised God. I praised God because He gave me the strength to study hard, to be kind to others, and to resist temptation. Again I met the boy I liked after school. He looks at me with love in his eyes but I have to pray hard to resist even kissing him because I know that one thing leads to another and I am weak when it comes to matters of the flesh. He asked me if I was his girlfriend today and I blushed. I said, "I don't know, what does that mean?" I felt like an idiot but at the same time I knew that he was playing games and I needed to stay strong. I praised God for helping me overcome...


He is a nice boy who is from a Christian family but who I know would like to have sex with me and does not care that we are not married. He calls himself a Christian and I know he believes in Jesus but I need to remember that saving myself is the right thing to do and so I prayed over and over to resist. I believe that if he is a true Christian he will be patient and I have nothing to fear.

A also praised God today out loud because it was only because of Jesus that I was able to do so well on an exam in spite of all the distractions in my life. Right after we received our final scores, I rejoiced in the Lord and unabashedly stated out loud, "Praise Him! I aced the test!" A few of my classmates high-fived me, and several laughed sympathetically. My Christian friends are good friends and I praised God that I have friends who support me.

Many Americans praise God sporadically, like at the times of year they are expected to like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I know that praising God a few times a year is not enough. I am learning how to integrate praises into my daily life more often. Praising God should take no effort at all. What we need to do is become more aware of God's presence in our world and offer praise when we do so. At first when I started paying more attention to my faith I knew that I would have to expend effort at noticing God in my life.

Praising God is a lifetime endeavor. I could not accomplish any of my goals without God's love and assistance, which is why praising Him is one of the most important actions I can take as a Christian. Every time I noticed God's work in my life I praised Him today. This was a real breakthrough for me, and I appreciated having to record my experiences in this prayer diary.

Entry Five

The boy I like calls me every day. I told him I will not have sex with him and he assures me that he does not mind but I worry. I prayed today to remain steadfast in my life and to resist temptation. Then something happened. I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I felt willful. I invited the boy over. I said we would watch movies together, and I would make dinner for him. Even as the words came out of my mouth I did not feel guilty at all. It was as if I was forsaking God and God was forsaking me. I did not pray before he came over.

His name is John. He came over at 7 and we went to the basement to watch television and then I said I would go cook dinner. He followed me upstairs and started kissing me. I enjoyed it, and did not stop him. Then we went back down into the basement and he started to take my clothes off, just slowly enough that it did not seem like a problem. He was gentle and kind and I did not assume we would have sex. He touched my body and I touched his and then we had to stop because my parents came home. When I heard the car in the driveway I knew that Jesus was with me. It was as if my parents came home early to help save my soul, and that somehow Jesus spoke through them to encourage them to come home about one hour before they were supposed to. I had my clothes off and something really bad might have happened if God did not heed my prayers over the past few days. I have been working hard on praying for salvation and this time it worked without a doubt. In fact, I almost cried later when I prayed before bed. I prayed deeply and sincerely, thanking God for saving me from a moment of weakness and temptation.

Before bed, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude during my nighttime prayers. I reflected on the day's events and the situation that arose with John. Jesus did arrive exactly in my time of need! As I prayed, I cried because of the amazing coincidence of my parents coming home at that exact moment. Never before have I been so aware of the truth of God's love. I realized how I had prayed when I woke up that morning just as I normally do. I do not know why I…

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