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Fragile X Syndrome / Pregnancy Options for Carrier of Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) denotes a genetic disorder, which leads to development of numerous growth-related issues, such as cognitive impairment and learning disabilities. Typically, the syndrome affects males more intensely compared to females (Genetic Home Reference, 2015).

Decision and its reason

If I were a FXS carrier, I would choose to use an egg donor for having a baby. This alternative provides the benefit of reducing FXS risks as the recipient or carrier need not necessarily possess her own eggs in a sufficient quantity. As such, there is a marked aversion to both, risks of the disorder and that of ovarian dysfunction associated with FXS. The risk in making use of an egg donor to get pregnant are - possible uncertainty regarding the family history of the donor (i.e., medical conditions apart from the genetic disorders tested for during examination) or feeling bad about the baby hailing from a biological and cultural background different from its recipient mother (NFXF, 2015).

Risks Involved in Each Scenario

Getting pregnant using your own egg

The baby would show FXS symptoms early on, including delay in growth-related milestones like


Individuals affected by the syndrome exhibit behavior similar to autistic people, in addition to hyperactivity and anxiety. Physical features of affected persons include prominent ears and a long and narrow face. There are more males with the disorder than females; and the severity of symptoms is often greater in males (GSG, 2013).

Getting pregnant using an egg donor

The donor will be an unknown person, and there is a chance she may also be carrying FXS (HIPAA Notice, 2006).

Getting pregnant by adoption

The process of adoption for getting pregnant is associated with complications in embryo transfer, as well as a possibility of procuring infection (Resolve, 2015).

Steps to be taken to reduce risks

Getting pregnant using your own egg

FXS is diagnosed generally by blood samples testing Healthcare providers obtain blood samples from females and send it for lab-testing, to identify the type of FMR1 (Fragile X Mental Retardation 1) gene in the woman. Mutated gene may be transmitted to children of expectant mothers with FMR1 full- or pre-mutation. A prenatal examination enables healthcare experts to spot this mutated gene during fetus development. This crucial information will allow doctors and families to…

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